Today is Amnesty Day in the US Senate. CALL. CALL. CALL.

Today is Amnesty day in the U.S. Senate!  Link here.
Make as many calls as possible (start with Tillis and Burr) and share this alert/call to action on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (ALIPAC HERE) ... (GAB HERE)

They are going to use a despicable tactic where an open bill is created through amendments which will allow them to stuff a lot of things in the bill that can then be voted on before other Senators or the American public have had time to debate what is really in the legislation. Every hour or day of time we can buy the American public now is important because with the passage of time the term "DACA" becomes more toxic!

ALIPAC is launching new strategies to do our best to stop this Amnesty and we need volunteers from all 50 states on the phones making as many of our targeted calls as possible!

Action Item 1

Blast the offices of Senators Cotton & Grassley!

Read ALIPAC's press release going out now and help circulate (especially if you live in AR or IA, get this to local press contacts please).

Senators Cotton & Grassley lose endorsement for supporting Amnesty for Illegals

Call their offices to say, "I support ALIPAC's decision to drop their endorsement for Senator Cotton/Grassley today. You promised your voters you would oppose Amnesty for illegal immigrants and now here you are pushing the Succeed Act Amnesty which would almost triple Obama's DACA Amnesty affront to our Constitution. Barometer Polling Company's certified poll found 75-80% of the likely GOP primary voters in your home state oppose what you are doing on Amnesty for illegals and I plan to help find a replacement candidate who can be trusted to keep campaign promises against Amnesty and not break them like Senator Cotton/Grassley!"

Hit their DC and District offices hard today. Make sure these two men know we are announcing to the nation what untrustworthy illegal alien Amnesty backing turncoats they are!

CONTACT: (Hit them at all 4 contact points!)

Sen. Cotton
DC 202-224-2353
District Phone: (479) 751-0879
Fax: (479) 927-1092
(Search him out on Facebook and Twitter)

Sen. Grassley
DC 202-224-3744
District Phone: 515-288-1145
Fax: 515-288-5097
(Search him out on Facebook and Twitter)

Action Item 2

Call as many of the Republicans as possible before they vote today at 5:30PM.There are 51 offices on the list below.

Call, call, call and say, "I'm calling to ask Senator _______ to 'VOTE NO ON CLOTURE TODAY' for the illegal alien Amnesty bill. Most Americans and especially your GOP primary voters oppose any deal on DACA Amnesty. Stop DACA and slow this bill down so Americans can have time to actually learn what legislation you propose. This tactic to rush Amnesty through is despicable. I will work to see any Republican Senator voting for Amnesty today defeated in their next primary. Vote No on Cloture and Stop DACA Amnesty for illegal aliens today on the Senate floor!"

Switchboard (202) 224-3121

1-202-224- (plus the 4 digits following the senator's name)

(an asterisk * by the name indicates they are due for reelection in 2018 )

Alexander, Lamar (R--TN) 4944

* Barrasso, John (R--WY) 6441

Blunt, Roy (R--MO) 5721

Boozman, John (R -- AR) 4843

Burr, Richard (R-NC) 3154

Capito, Shelley Moore (R--WV) 6472

Cassidy, Bill (R--LA) 5824

Cochran, Thad (R--MS) 5054

Collins, Susan M. (R--ME) 2523

* Corker, Bob (R--TN) 3344

Cornyn, John (R--TX) 2934

Cotton, Tom (R--AR) 2353

Crapo, Mike (R -ID) 6142

* Cruz, Ted (R--TX) 5922

Daines, Steve (R-MT) 2651

Enzi, Michael B (R--WY) 3424

Ernst, Joni (R--IA) 3254

* Fischer, Deb (R--NE) 6551

* Flake, Jeff (R --AZ) 4521

Gardner, Cory (R-- CO) 5941

Graham, Lindsey (R--SC) 5972

Chuck, Grassley (R--IA) 3744

* Hatch, Orrin G (R--UT) 5251

* Heller, Dean (R --NV) 6244

Hoeven, John (R--ND) 2551

Inhofe, James M (R--OK) 4721

Isakson, Johnny (R--GA) 3643

Johnson, Ron (R--WI) 5323

Kennedy, John (R--LA) 4623

Lankford, James (R--OK) 5754

Lee, Mike (R--UT) 5444

McCain, John (R--AZ) 2235

McConnell, Mitch (R---KY) 2541

Moran, Jerry (R--KS) 6521

Murkowski, Lisa (R--AK) 6665

Paul, Rand (R--KY) 4343

Perdue, David (R--GA) 3521

Portman, Rob (R--OH) 3353

Risch, James E (R--ID) 2752

Roberts, Pat (R --KS) 4774

Rounds, Mike (R -SD) 5842

Rubio, Marco (R--FL) 3041

Sass, Ben (R--NE) 4224

Scott, Tim (R--SC) 6121

Shelby, Richards C. (R--AL) 5744

Sullivan, Dan (R --AK) 3004

Thune, John (R--SD) 2321

Tillis, Thom (R--NC) 6342

Toomey, Patrick J. (R--PA) 4254

* Wicker, Roger F (R--MS) 6253

Young, Todd (R--IN) 5623

The Action Alert brought to you by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) on the web at
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