URGENT: Today, 2/14 House Whips Votes to #SupportGoodlatte Bill. Please CALL Your Reps!


Thanks to the calls, Tweets, and posts, we have Good News! 


Today, Wednesday, 2/14 the US House is whipping the votes to #SupportGoodlatte.Securing America' Future Act


 We have 90 co-sponsors thus far. We need 218.  (The Senate's plans put illegal migration on steroids and are absolutely unacceptable.)  


Thank Rep Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus for making this vote happen today in the House!  


The Goodlatte Bill ... 


1.   Ends Chain Migration

2.   Cuts off law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities

3.   Abolishes Diversity Visa Lottery

4.   Authorizes Full Border Wall

5.   Requires E-Verify

6. No Special Path to Citizenship or green cards for DACA




Call your reps now https://www.house.gov/representatives #StopDACA #EndChainMigration #MANDATORYEVERIFY #BuildTheWall #SupportGoodlatte by co-sponsoring the bill. 


NC House Members Who are Still Not Yet Co--Sponsors.  Please call 'em


George Holding NC1  202 225 3032


Walter Jones NC 3202 225 3415  


Virginia Foxx NC 5  202 225 2071.  
Also contact David.Voorman@mail.house.gov


Patrick McHenry NC10  202 225 2576 


Ted Budd NC 13  202 225 4531

We are up to  90 co-sponsors on the Securing America First Act.  Let's get the rest.  Great job!  



Get the rest of the story at Tea Time at 6PM on 2/15/2018 at IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden.  See here for complete agenda.  NC 10 Candidates Ira Roberts and Seth Blankenship coming!  Urgent meeting with them.  Topic:  Why we need ONE conservative candidate in the congressional race to win.  

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