News You Need To Know. Flood Warning. Tea Time Resumes 6/7/18 at IHOP.

 Tea Times resumes June 7th at IHOP, 6PM 229 Airport Road, Arden.    ATP on vacation until week of June 4th. Until then,  please like and share posts on our Facebook pages Asheville Tea Party here and Asheville Tea PAC here.  Please retweet our posts on our Twitter page here.  @AshevilleTeaPty.   Thanks!  


 Please be safe out there.  Flood warning for parts of Henderson County, inches more of rain expected.  Stay home!  Streets are flooded and many are closed!  


 Summer Schedule for Tea Time Meetings: 

Thursdays, IHOP 6PM Thursdays:   6/7, 6/14, 7/12, 7/19, 


Mills River Restaurant:  Next Meeting:  Thursday, 7/26


 Saturday, May 19th:  2A Rally at the Historic Haywood County Courthouse.  215 North Main Street, Waynesville, NC 28786.  11AM - 4PM.  





Carolina Journal:  Emotions flare as teacher walkout nears.    They should be ashamed.  They get paid with taxpayer dollars - your money -  to be in a classroom, not walking the streets. They want to protest, they need to do it on their own time - weekends and their two month vacation. Don't care what their point is.  They've betrayed the public trust.  Buncombe, wake up.  Your school board and administration don't work for you or your children. Get involved. Un-elect all of them and fire your superintendent. Let your child's teacher know how disgusted you are with their unacceptable behavior.  Hold them accountable!)  



Asheville Citizen Times:  Feds have reviewed more than 45,000 pages of documents in Wanda Greene case

 Henderson County School Board cannot be serious ... "... County officials say the $52.6 million plan to build a new Hendersonville High is within budget as stated in the current contract, but it will cost another $11.4 million to add features the school board believed were already included.  

Monday night, the Henderson County School Board voted to schedule a joint meeting with county commissioners after hearing earlier that day that it would cost $11.4 million for a full-sized, at least 800-seat auditorium and an auxiliary gym — features board members believed were already part of the price tag when they approved the project in 2016. ..."

Read more here. HHS contract calls for smaller auditorium, no auxiliary gym  Law enforcement training center work suspended until December.  



 GRNC"  NC Rep Will Introduce a Gun Confiscation Bill

(The newly elected Dimm primary winner for sheriff in Buncombe should love this.  You want to protect you inalienable rights , you better start calling your reps and demand they do not support this atrocity.) 



Sons of Liberty Media: Gun Manufacturers Sever Ties With Dick's Sporting Goods After Anti-Second Amendment Policies(Please do not shop at Dick's) Constitution Party gets enough signatures to get on ballots.  



New Embassy in Jerusalem:  Historic!  

Washington Free Beacon: 

VP Pence: Trump Has Made History With Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

'Trump has now etched his name into the ineffaceable story of Jerusalem'

Fox News: North Korea threatens to cancel US meeting over American military drills with South Korea, report says.  

Video:  McCaul: North Korea trying to get concessions before summit

Swamp News


Remember the horrid Omnibus bill that put spending on steroids ... Washington Times:  Trump to demand Congress cut $15B in spending rescission package.  Please call your reps and tell them to pass the rescission package.  


Washington Examiner:  House GOP pushes ahead with safety net reforms


National Review:  No Online Taxation without Representation.


" ...(There is no question that states have a right to impose sales tax when a resident makes a purchase online; the issue in this case is whether and when a state can require an out-of-state vendor to collect that tax.) ..."






Want to continue to #DrainTheSwamp? See Heritage Sentinel Call Notes for Rescission, Farm Bill, Military ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) and NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Action. Liked Toolkits included.  Please act.  We will have updates on our progress to get these passed on 6/7. 


Numbers USA: Only 7 more House Republicans need to sign Curbelo/Denham Amnesty Discharge Petition to force floor votes on several no-strings amnesty proposals. See the list of current signers here. Call your U.S. Representative and urge him/her NOT to sign the Petition:


The Hilll:  FreedomWorks backs Jim Jordan for House Speaker.  Get up on FreedomWorks Facebook page and get busy supporting the effort for a conservative speaker of the house.  


Failed Progressive Liberal Policies


What to tell your liberal socialist friends when they BS you about income inequality.  Sunshine on California's economic mismanagement.   


" ... describing the most left-wing states in America. New York and California placed first and second for income inequality, according to a 2018 survey of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the personal finance website Maryland, Illinois, and New Jersey round out the top five. ..."



Illegal Aliens

Breitbart News:  Donald Trump: Time to Catch Illegal Immigrants and Release Them Back to Their Countries


Senator Bill Cassidy: Build the Wall - and Make the Cartels Pay for It


War on Terror


Townhall:  Five ISIS Leaders Caught After Three Month Long Intelligence Operation






Help us to continue to aggravate liberals and their failed progressive policies while supporting constitutional candidates and sending a message to the gun grabbers.   


"The right to bear arms shall not be "infringed.
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