Tea Time 6/14. Demand a Fair Hearing for NC School Defense Act. Voter ID Vote Coming in November.

And what have the Republicans done for (or rather "to") gun owners in the 2017-2018 session of the General Assembly? ... Find out here and please act!  


ATP Thanks GRNC for this invaluable information and for your activism on the NC School Defense Act.  We are with you 100% on protecting our children at school.  

               Children will only be safe when adults are permitted to protect them ...   Demand a Fair Hearing for the NC School Defense Act.  Call the NC House Rules Committee!  Send emails to:  Tim.Moore@ncleg.net; David.Lewis@ncleg.net.


Video:  Paul Valone, GRNC Why we need HB 1039


Email this message:  (Even if you have already contacted them.  Do it again!)  


Dear Speaker Moore and Chairman Lewis:


I am writing to insist on a hearing for the "School Self-Defense Act" (HB 1039).

I was quite elated when I heard that several courageous legislators have stepped forward to develop a practical and effective solution to the school safety issues we are currently facing. It's about time we stepped out of the endless cycle of rhetoric, and took actual steps to defend our children. This bill, HB 1039, does just that.  


Due to the potentially imminent nature of this problem, time is short. Please do not position yourself as the one standing between school children and their safety. Rather, make sure the School Self-Defense Act receives a hearing immediately. NC Parents and Teachers need this, school children need it even more, and that's why I'm insisting on it. 


I will be monitoring your actions on this issue through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina. 




(Your name and address) 


More info 



" ... GRNC was involved in creating this bill as well as directing input to the offices of the Speaker and the House Rules Chair, and we're excited about its introduction. This is GRNC's answer to all of the counterproductive, and worse, gun-grabbing "solutions" proposed by the left. ...

HB 1039
This bill, sponsored by Representatives Mark BrodyJohn Blust,George ClevelandLarry Pittman and Michael Speciale, would allow certain members of school faculty or staff to carry a handgun on school grounds to respond quickly to acts of violence and imminent threats of violence. 

Finally, a few courageous legislators are stepping outside of the circular rhetoric and are proposing a practical and effective solution that will actually protect the children. ..."  

ATP is strongly encouraging you to call and write.  As a retired teacher, I can tell you our kids and staff are not safe in our schools.  Protecting our kids at school is no different than protecting your kids and family at home.  


When your lefty friends tell you that teachers should not be armed, pose this question ... Who would you want your child to be with during an active shooter incident ... an unarmed teacher or an armed one???  


 Summer Schedule for Tea Time Meetings: 

Thursdays, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden, NC at  6PM Thursdays: 6/7, 6/14.

6/14: On the Agenda:  ATP activism for Voter ID Amendment in November/NC School Safety - bill that need to be passed/DC and DACA deal/Rescission Act progress/Rocket Man Summit/Trade.Tariffs and more.

Hendersonville:  Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy,;Mills River, NC:  Next Meeting:  Thursday, 7/26.

Voter Integrity Project:

  Let's all vote for Voter ID  in November!  (ATP is going to be heavily  involved in assuring that this gets passed in November.  That means we need you!  The lefties are already gearing up to defeat this.  Don't let that happen.  That means we need you to volunteer at the polls, making phone calls, writing letters to the editor, distributing info door-to-door, getting on social media.  We will be working closely with Voter Integrity Project and other conservative groups.)  The Amendment has passed the House. (The legislature does not need Gov Roy Cooper's signature.   If the amendment passes in November, it becomes part of our State Constitution.)  

 Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Sign up.  Contact Jane@AshevilleTeaParty.org with you name, number and county your live.  Also contact  Jay Delancy at  jay.delancy@gmail.com.  This is a statewide effort.  

Washington Times:  Supreme Court Gives OK to Clean Up Voter Rolls.  (ATP was the first grassroots organization to challenge the BOE to clean up the voter rolls. Could not have done this without our ATP Board two computer geeks, Bill and Kathy challengers,  and Voter Integrity Project. Hallelujah!)  

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