2016 ATPAC Endorsed Candidates Including Judges

ATPAC 2016 List of Endorsed Candidates Including Judges

REMINDER:  We do not have two sets of principles - one for the primary and one for the general election.  Only those candidates who demonstrate in word and deed, that they uphold the principles and values our Founders gave to us will appear on this list.  We do not endorse candidates because the are Rs or they won the primary. We are not the compromised D or R parties. 

Asheville Tea PAC is dedicated to bringing the people back into the election process by their participation to replace compromised incumbents with good men and women who commit to fiscal responsibility through Constitutional authority.   We focus on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning to get them elected.  We then hold them accountable.  

Asheville Tea PAC 2016  Endorsed Candidates

Thanks to your votes,  NC has champions protecting our culture and our rights.  Conservative Justice Robert (Bob) Edmunds is on the ballot in November for NC Supreme Court.  In addition,   conservative Congressman George Holding (R) (89%) in NC2 unseated  RINO Congresswoman Renee Elmers (54%) who  has a  failing conservative score.   This is all great news!  

Supporting constitutional conservative candidates  for election supports WE THE PEOPLE.  Our nation is failing on many fronts.  Only WE can take it back.  Please vote for liberty, not blind party loyalty that got us here.  


Congressman Mark Meadows (R) http://meadowsforcongress.com/


NC Supreme Court:  Justice Robert (Bob Edmunds (R) http://www.justiceedmunds.com/#welcome

Richard Dietz (R):  Court of Appeals http://dietzforcourt.com/meet-richard-dietz/

Judge Robert (Bob( Hunter:  Court of Appeals  http://www.bobhunterforjudge.com/

Phil Berger Jr. (R):  Court of Appeals  http://www.philbergerjr.org/

Judge Valerie Zachry (R) Court of Appeals http://judgezachary.com/

Hunter Murphy (R) :  Court of Appeals (R)  http://www.huntermurphyforjudge.com/

President:  ATPAC statement 

Governor:   Pat McCrory (R) http://www.joinpatmccrory.com

Lt Governor:  Dan Forest (R) http://www.danforest.com/

Attorney General:       Representative Buck Newton (R)

Commissioner of Agriculture:  Mike Troxler (R)

Commissioner of Insurance:  Mike Causey (R)

NC Secretary of State:     Michael LaPaglia (R)

NC House 113:  Cody Henson (R)

Henderson County Board of Commissioners

Grady Hawkins (R)

Charlie Messer (R)

NC District Court Judge 29B:                                                                                     Athena Brooks                                                                                                             Emily Cowan                                                                                                                 Peter Knight

Henderson County School Board (R) , Josh Houston

 Buncombe County Register of Deed (R), Pat Cothran