Raleigh GOP Just Made Your Vote Irrelevant. Demand McCrory Veto H373.

Your Calls Are Working!  Continue To Call.  

 Call Governor McCrory to veto this debacle.  Another nail in the coffin for the RINO Party. 

Call Governor McCrory's office with this message:  919 814 2000

Both Dems and Rs should be outraged over this bill.  See here for excellent recap http://ashevilleteaparty.org/?page_id=12298
Only we can put pressure on McCrory to veto.  We need to light up the phone lines. 
Call Governor McCrory's office with this message:  919 814 2000
Governor McCrory:
Veto H 373, the bill that sets up Affiliated Party Committees.   This bill guts the grassroots everywhere in NC and puts all power, including power of the purse, into a small number of legislators, taking it away from the parties and the grassroots, both Democrat and Republican.  
 I strongly urge you to veto H 373 so it will be sent back to the legislature.  Urge legislators to strike  § 163-278.8B  from the bill.  
Thank you.  
Then call Speaker Tim Moore (R) tell him you called McCrory' office and demanded he veto H373.  You expect him to strike  § 163-278.8B  from the bill before another vote.
 Elections have consequences.   919 733 3451.  Tim.Moore@ncleg.net.  
Then call Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Temp of the Senate and tell him the same thing.
You expect him to strike  § 163-278.8B  from the bill before another vote.
 919 733 5708.  Phil.Berger@ncleg.net.
Read the letter from David Williams, Assistant General Council, NC Republican Party here 
" ... Whereas David Lewis introduced language into H373 in the “11th hour,” establishing shadow parties in direct competition with the Republican and Democratic Parties, in direct and overt retaliation to the newly-elected GOP leadership; ..."more here
We challenge the Henderson, Buncombe, and Haywood, Polk, and Transylvania GOP to censure those in their ranks who voted to silence the voice of WE THE PEOPLE  and to undermine our political process by placing power in the hands of a few incumbents.
Find out who voted for H373 and to undermine your voting voice.  Then make sure you don't vote for them in the next election.   (Apodaca, Presnell, Hise, J. Davis, McGrady and Whitmire (sponsors).  
Senate here
House here
Please call the following Senator and Representatives and thank them for their NO vote. Make sure you tell them you are from ATP
Senator Terry Van Duyn (D 49 Buncombe),  919 715 3001.  Terry.VanDuyn@ncleg.net
Representative John Ager  919 733 5746 John.Ager@ncleg.net
Representative Brian Turner  919 715 3012  Brian.Turner@ncleg.net
This is why we need to choose our own candidates and get them elected.  This is a direct result of grassroots activism.  They fear losing power.  
"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty."  Thomas Jefferson

A Win for Weasels.  A loss of the grassroots http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=12493

Well, they did it. Thumbed their collective noses at those of us weaselwho voted to give them super-majorities in Raleigh. Let’s check in with that buffoon Binky for the sordid details: 

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