Tea Time Thursday, 3/9/17. Patience Gone! Grassroots Groups Continue to Pressure GOP on Health Care Repeal!

Tea Time Meeting, March 9th, 2017, 6PM, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden. (We now have a Hot Spot.  No more lost Internet.Twitter review and Action Items.  Bring phones and computers!)  
Event Reminders:  See here for details
BCRWC Lunch with Act for America speaker, Thursday March 9th. 11:30
Gun Show 3/11/12.  
Freedomworks Bus to DC, Wednesday 3/15. 
BCGOP Convention, Saturday, 3/25 at Reynolds HS.  Please get there at 8AM.  
No Tea Time Meeting next Thursday, March 16th.  We're just getting back from DC. 
  • #RINOCare - Obamacare 2.0 articles here including Trump Attempt To Sell #RepublicanWelfare to Conservatives - Outrageous! 
  • Action Plan here.    Please continue to call, write, Tweet and post and write LTEs.  You're doin' great.  


"FreedomWorks, which is planning a rally in Washington on March 15 to inaugurate its "month of action" on the Affordable Care Act, is sending its activists to Capitol Hill armed with sheafs of paper with quotes from Republicans who have called for repeal. The plan is to track down those Republicans and make them face their own words. ..."  
 " ... three prominent groups - Freedom­Works, Americans for Prosperity and Heritage Action for America - plan to increase pressure on lawmakers to repeal the law fully or risk retribution from the conservative grass roots. ..."  Read more here.      
  • Wiretapping:  Obama Admin Spying on Trump  (Mark Levin and newt Gingrich weigh in) 

Islamic Terrorism 
Sweden Muslim Gangs Laugh At Swedish Laws They Despise and Defy 

Also nice photo of typical street Jihadism.  France now has 40,000 car burnings annually. Getting more and more common in Sweden. The more protective the laws protecting immigrants, the more violence and more government lies.

Meanwhile the left leaning establishment in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and The European Union are hindering conservative political opposition by enforcing politically correct speech laws. The last hope for freedom in France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden probably depends on the coming 2017  & 2018 elections.
This Thursday, March 9th, the BCRWC is featuring ACT for America Asheville Coordinator at their luncheon.  11AM at the Olive Garden on Tunnel Road, Asheville.  Find out more about this great watchdog organization founded by Brigett Gabriel, a survivor of islamic terrorism.  

NC News
Bill To Restore Elections For Local Judicial Races, Gives Voters More Info Passes Senate  Critical!  Call your GOP House member and tell the to support!  
2A Alerts from GRNC here
NC Values Coalition Friday Five
 (a must read on latest across our state and country)
Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Asssociation (CCTA) Newsletter NC News
In Case You Missed It!  Rally for Mark Meadows here.


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