Tea Time April 6th. HB2 Fall Out. Child Rapes By Illegals. SCOTUS Vote. More …


Tea Time Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 6PM, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden.  

HB2 Repeal Fall Out:  Conservatives holding them accountable  (Not the GOP ... What a surprise! ) 
Thank 'em for NO vote and then send message of Shame On You for Repeal of HB2 vote.

Gorsuch vote: the filibusted and the nuclear option.

Are we closer to Obamacare #FullRepeal?  Conservatives Skeptical of White House's Proposed Changes to Obamacare Replacement Bill.  Tweet Fest Tues 4/4 report. ATP in the news.   Tuesday Group obstructionists need to hear from us. 

Plans for sign wave underway for Mark Meadows for Fri April 21st. Sign-ups to attend.

Congressman Mark Meadows at HCGOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Details here. 

Where are we with Illegal immigration and the institutions protecting them?  Child Rapes By Illegals in NC March Report

How Illegal Immigrant Suspects in Rockville High Rape Case Were Able to Settle in America

Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce ˜Detailed Spreadsheets" Involving Trump

What's Next For Susan Rice In Unmasking Controversy?


A Don't Miss!  Next Week:  Special Video Event:  Mike Adams, Ph.D:  How U.S. Campuses  Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism.  Check it out.   http://www.iconlectureseries.com/

From The Hill


Digging Into The Issues: Heritage Call Notes 4/3/2017


FreedomWorks:  Nuclear Option On The Horizon In the Senate To Confirm Supreme Court Nominees


Daily Signal:  Two Cases That Prove Neil Gorsuch is Right For the Supreme Court 


Daily Caller:  Former U.S. Attorney:  Susan Rice Ordered Spy Agencies To Produce Detailed Spread Sheets Involving Trump (Remember her ... Benghazi massacre caused by a video Susan Rice.)




Tribune, Jane Bilello:  Letter To Mark Meadows


Video:  Daily Signal:  GOP Repeal Bill Left Too Much of Washington Power Grab In Place 

 Obstructionists to FullRepeal:   Tuesday Group nees to hear from us. 

  5 Susan Rice Scandal Facts Every American Must Know


NC News


Action Alert!  Another month has come and gone and the unabated raping of children in NC by illegal aliens continues.

Last month, March 2017, NCFire.info documented and confirmed 18 different illegal aliens who were charged with 74 separated counts of child rape/child sexual assault and kidnapping to commit those acts.


There have been a total for the past 11 months to:
170 separate illegal aliens 
592 separate counts of child rape/child sexual assault

Believe it or not, YOU can put a stop to this! Find out how ...  See bills in NC GA that need to be passed here.



 Second Amendment Resource.  Gun Laws By State



We will remember who voted to repeal HB2 - a GOP betrayal. Safety, privacy, religious liberty and state sovereignty voted away for what amounts to extortion by the NCAA.  We're not alone in that assessment.  We stand tall with Lt Gov Dan Forest, and liberty and conservative groups across the state.   

 View this in your browser.


ATP Stands With Lt Gov Dan Forest On Shameful Repeal of HB2 


NC Values Coalition Statement on Repeal of HB2

CCTA:  The Murder of HB2 - Why?

The American Lens:  The Late Night Agreement on Repeal of HB2


NC Lawmakers Cave On Principle in Face of NCAA Threat


Charlotte Observer:  NC's HB2 Compromise Called "Fake Repeal," Angers Liberals and Conservatives Alike 

Daily Haymaker:  (It Begins!  UNC SOG says Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity policies now OKAY for local government contracts


ATPAC is supporting Congressman Mark Meadows at this event.

You're invited to the Lincoln Reagan Dinner

A fundraiser for the Henderson County Republican Party

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Cash Bar 6:30PM       Dinner at 7PM

Keynote Speaker

House Freedom Caucus Chairman:

Congressman Mark Meadows

Kenmure Country Club

100 Clubhouse Drive

Flat Rock, NC 28731

Dinner Tickets

$60.00 per person   $100.00 per couple

Sponsorships ($1000, $600, $400) includes Dinner Ticket

& Private Reception at 6pm with Congressman Mark Meadows


See here for details.  Must RSVP.  Deadline for checks is April 17th.  


In case you missed it or you want to send this to  those who put us at risk. ...  

Eagle Rising:  The Big List of Transgender Bathroomm Criminal Attacks. Proof that liberal policies are not safe


Liberty Council: The Truth About Bathrooms http://www.lc.org/transgender


Predators in Women's Facilities  (17 pages of incidences) here.



Video:  Women Decide for Yourselves Â https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzwMJAFWLtQ&t=106s



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Celebrate your 2A rights and Stick It To 'Em with a Ruger LC9s with Armalaser and help us to support constitutional candidates and to rid ourselves of more of these liberal progressives! They've lost over 1,000 seats in legislatures all over the nation. The only way to they can impose their evil, progressive policies is dictator style.   (One more failed, evil, progressive policy our new Prez needs to undo - unconstitutional gun control!)



WE THE PEOPLE ... WE'RE BACK ....  Tees and More!


 Say 'Thank You' To Law Enforcement.  Take a Policeman To Lunch.  Find out how!


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