Tea Time Event: How U.S. Campuses Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism. “Sex” Now Means Sexual Orientation. Feds Court Re-Writes Civil Rights Act



Tea Time Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 6PM, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden. 


HB2 Repeal Blow Back

AFA Action Alert Sign the Boycott Target Petition

This Thursday Meeting:  A Don't Miss!   

Special Video Event 

Mike S. Adams, Ph.D

Topic:  How U.S. Campuses  Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism

  ICON doing stellar work.  Please check them out   http://www.iconlectureseries.com/

Mike S. Adams, PH.D
Professor of Criminology
Columnist at www.TownHall.com
Author of Letters to a Young Progressive
Host of www.RightlyOffended.com 

Tea Time Cancelled Thursday, April 20th.  Early rise and preparation for Rally for Mark Meadows on Friday April 21st in Lenoir.  
Sign-ups to car pool and attend from our area.  


Congressman Mark Meadows at HCGOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, Saturday, April 29th.  Checks and RSVP by April 17th. Details here. 


From The Hill


Digging Into The Issues: Heritage Call Notes.  Updated PM on 4/10/2017


CR:  Think you can guess ...

Top 25 Conservatives in Congress

Top 25 RINO's in Congress 


Supreme Court Win!

The Hill:  Senate Confirms Gorsuch Giving Trump Big Win

#FullRepeal #StandWithHFC

FreedomWorks:  Apparently Repealing Obamacare Only Matters When a Democrat is President.  

Apparently, they forgot to keep their promises!  Support @freedomcaucus.  They stand with US. They keep their campaign promises.

The Right Way Initiative - bogus conservative Super PAC - targets Mark Meadows with robo calls in NC11.  Hell awaits!  

Honeymoon Over:  Speaker Ryan Targets Republicans, Not Democrats in Health Care Ads  

Maybe some encouragement ...  hum  ..  Fox:  Freedom Caucus Members Say Pence Apologizes For Feud.  Pushes for Truce With Health Care On The Line.  Join us in Lenoir on April 21st to continue our support @RepMarkMeadows and @freedomcaucus.  

Daily Signal:  We hear you:  The GOP, The Freedom Caucus and Repealing Obamacare 

Meet the Freedom Caucus' Spineless Liberal Sibling :  The GOP Tuesday Group Tuesday Group Obstructing Obamacare Repeal 

Islamic Terrorism

2.5K Islamic Syrian, Somali Refugees Enter U.S. Under Trump 

" ... A listing of the top 10 states taking in refugees from Syria was also broken down by WND – 1. California (135); 2. Michigan (127); 3. Illinois (96); 4. Texas (92); 5. Arizona (88); 6. New York (79); 7. North Carolina (77); 8. Ohio (66); 9. Florida (65); 10. New Jersey (53). ...  

Concerns have now arisen that Trump will consider changing his desired policy to ban Syrian refugees after launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles Thursday night on a Syrian airfield – an offensive that was waged in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack inside his country’s borders that killed more than 80 Syrians. ..."  

Clarion Project: Challenging Radical Islam, Promoting Human Rights 

Act for America:  Confronting Terrorism 




Syrian Refugees: Bloody Chaos at Meeting in Minneapolis "... Liberals set up these refugee programs. Now, they are living with the consequences. If anyone tries to tell you that America will not follow in the footsteps of European countries who harbor large numbers of refugees, show them the examples above. Videos and images do not lie. ..."

Wow!  He told CNN ... SYRIAN SURVIVOR CRIED OUT WITH JOY AFTER TRUMP'S AIR RAIDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V8aVzaQnqs.  

Syria Strikes Signal End From Leading From Behind


The Debt Ceiling  

Video:  Understanding The Debt:  http://www.freedomworks.org/university/lessons/debt 

Trump's Big Spending Plans A Repeat of The Past 

You may have heard that our current national debt is nearly $20 trillion. This amounts to:

  • Over $61,000 for every man, woman, and child living in America.

  • Over $158,000 for every household in America.

  • 106% of the US gross domestic product (GDP).

  • 560% of the annual gross federal revenue

NC News

#ncga: House GOP caving on ObamaCare, medicaid expansion




 National Review:  Didn't take long.  Feds Already Rewriting Civil Rights Act For the sake of social justice, judges decree that "sex" now means sexual orientation.  This is what happens when Republicans cave!  Saul Alinski tactics at work!  

We will remember who voted to repeal HB2 - a GOP betrayal. Safety, privacy, religious liberty and state sovereignty voted away for what amounts to extortion by the NCAA.  We're not alone in that assessment.  


Department of Education/Audit the Fed 

Video:  Freedomworks:  Thomas Massie (R) on abolishing the Dept of Education  and Audit the Fed here. 

Video:  Scholar Says It's Time To Fix The Education System and Launch A Commission on American Exceptionalism 



  North Carolina Legislators who voted to put your privacy, safety and our state sovereignty at risk by ceding power to the judiciary and bowing to the extortion of the NCAA by repealing HB2. 


DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SENATOR OR REP WHO VOTED YES TO REPEAL HB2 TO HIDE BEHIND THIS LEGISLATION.  They are already trying to here and here.  The attempt at both sides here.


In case you missed it or you want to send this to  those who put us at risk  ...  



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