Rep Steve Scalise Shot at Baseball Field in DC. Others wounded. Congressman Mark Meadows is fine. He was not there.

Rep Steve Scalise was shot at baseball practice for a charity game. He's in stable condition.   23 other reps and senators there. Others shot.  Shooting went on for 10 minutes.  Gunman asked if the players were Dimms or Reps.   Rep Mark Meadows is fine.  He was not there.  Fluid situation.  Please tune in to Fox for press conferences and updates. 


**Live Updates** Congressman Shot: GOP Scalise Wounded at VA Baseball Practice


Several Congressmen, Senators Targeted......

Rand: Would Have Been aMassacre if Cops Not Already Present


 ‘Terminate the Republican Party’ Celebrates

It's already started with the gun grabbing ghouls.  Shooter was rabid progressive who hated GOP and worked on Bernie Sanders campaign.  CNN and the rest of the lame stream media trying to play it down.  Doesn't fit their narrative.  See here for more posts



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