Rally for Mark A Huge Success! Standing Room Only. They Came From Across NC.

The Rally for Mark Meadows on June 15th was a great success!  We expected 80 to come for lunch at Golden Corral and about 100 showed up!  Standing room only and out the door into the next room!  At 12:30 the crowd drove to Grove Street for a rally that took up both sides of the street!  


Steve Moore with the crowd at the Golden Corral - Axes to Taxes 



  CEO Adam Brandon (white shirt) with sign  makers.  


Sign Wavers down Grove Street, Hendersonville

The greatest part of this event is that we had groups and folks who came from all over North Carolina, besides the local folks. 


They, along with Steve Moore and Adam Brandon, could not be more proud and supportive of our Congressman for his vital leadership role to return our Republic to its constitutional core.


Mark  has endured the slings and arrows of leadership and so called 'moderates' who have forgotten who they serve.  We all agreed that now, more than ever, Mark and the other Freedom Caucus members need our unwavering support.  The horror of the baseball shooting the day before, underscores how out of control the left has become in their hatred. The 'shots' come from all sides.   It was abundantly clear that each of us represents a large constituency of supporters  for Mark.  


Buncombe:  Asheville Tea Party supporters and Board members Paul and Linda Rebuck, Mary Ann Braine, Lori Palfrey, and Harvey Sankey. GOP with Bill Lack.  Buncombe County Republican Women's Club with Lori Palfrey, Charlene Hogue.  Tar Heel Tea Party with Fremont Brown. 


Haywood:  GOP with Pat and Ted Carr.   Haywood 912 with Lynda Bennet.  Haywood Republican Alliance with Paul Yeager


Henderson:  GOP Chair Merry Guy. Henderson County Republican Women's Club President, Doris Hawkins, Henderson County Commissioner Grady Hawkins.  GOP Men's Club supporters with George Danz and Harvey Sankey.  Patriot Camp with Pam Danz. Home School Coordinator Marcia Ballard


Caldwell:  GOP & Caldwell Tea Party supporters with Steve Bogdan


Polk:  Sons of Liberty Riders supporters with Dick Shaughnessy NC State Director, and Black Robe Regiment steering committee with Dick and David Shipp


Transylvania:  GOP. Old North State Patriots with Jim and Madeline Meyer.  Transylvania Tea Party with Chair Dick Thompson.

In addition, we had folks who came from outside of NC11.  Iredell and Stokes counties were two.  Though they couldn't be with us for family obligations and other organizational responsibilities, Moore Tea Citizens, Miriam Chu and Gaston Tea Party, Tony Casciato, and Clay County GOP supported the event by sending others and sent their best.   

Thank you Aubrey Woodard, NC11 GOP District Chair, for sending more than a half dozen our way and to Jim Womack NCGOP Chair candidate for his additional support. Thank you Dr. Carl Mumpower BCGOP Chair for posting the event.  

Special thanks to Heritage Action for America and Mid-Atlantic Coordinator, Melody Clarke for sending us signs and a banner and for advertising the event with Sentinels (who were quite a few in the crowd.)   Thank you Tea Party Patriots for also setting up a website for responses for the event.  It's great to see so many supportive of our Congressman. 

A very special Thank You to Steve Keull who took at least 100 pictures to commemorate the day.  Thank You Eagle Scout, Max Puzerewski from Buncombe for coming to assist. Your work is so very much appreciated.

If I missed a group, I apologize.  Please send me an edit and I will include.  

Stephen Moore reviewed for us what needs to be done if we are to move the economy forward - and a break neck speed.  It can be done but Congress must act.  WE are the boots on the ground to make that happen.  

There was overwhelming support in the room was to implement the Fair Tax vs Flat Tax to abolish the IRS and special interest groups from unfairly influencing our legislators to take progressive votes instead of free market ones. 

 With this new administration, we have the greatest chance to grow our economy and eliminating our debt within a short period of time.

We do this by reversing and eliminating the harmful effects of NAFTA, the Paris Accord, Obamacare, regulations, onerous taxes, welfare, and the stifling our energy production of our vast reserves.  


FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon underscored Steve's message:  The Senate needs to embrace the House plan so we can be on our way to repeal and replace of onerous Obamacare. Regulations have increased premiums by 100% to unaffordable.


Demanding transparency and disclosure from non-profits for medical procedures would also help to drastically bring down cost.


Mark and the Freedom Caucus did the work in the House on Obamacare. How Senators Cruz, Paul, Lee are leading the charge in the Senate. We must be there for them calling, Tweeting, visiting, and writing letters to the editor.  


Welfare reform was also a hot topic for both speakers.  The 1990's work requirement for welfare dramatically brought down the welfare rolls. We need to duplicate that strategy. Right now, we are at the point of creating a permanent underclass and that has to be halted. We must work to assure we block grant welfare to states to get out from under the yoke of the feds.


There were great probing questions and comments from the audience which also included immigration reform and enforcing our laws to assure that illegal aliens do not pose a threat to security and take jobs from Americans.   

 We then moved the crowd and signs to Grove Street.  The ralliers lined both sides of the street, waving signs and talking to passers by.  Thanks for the many honks.  

At 2:30, Jane (Henderson), Lynda Bennet (Haywood), Sarah Mason (Buncombe) and her three handsome boys visited Mark Meadows office to deliver the signs and our card! What a great staff.  Thank YOU! A perfect end to a great day!  

Rex (who signed his name!), Lynda Bennet, Jane, Sarah Mason, baby Otis, and Trent


Thursday, June 22nd 2017


  Please attend the Meet and Greet sponsored by the Henderson County Republican Women's Club, 5PM to 7PM at Bold Rock Hard Cider, 72 School House Road, Mills River, NC. Tea Time Cancelled to attend.  Free admission. 


It is our hope, that you come to join us in two weeks on June 28th (RSVP by June 22nd) for another FreedomWorks sponsored event  - a luncheon with that fiery conservative Rev Cl Bryant (of the award winning documentary Runaway Slave).  He will continue the conversation about Regulatory Reform.  You must pre-register. Please RSVP by Thursday, June 22nd.  Complimentary lunch but we need a head count.  


WE will be in touch.  We must continue to grow the army of activists if we are to win this monumental battle to restore our Republic.  Please act on our Action Alerts and join us on Thursdays at IHOP at 6PM. (Next meeting, July 6th).

See rally picts here.   

Much more to see next Tea Time, July 6th.  



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