Left Wing Hate Groups

8/18/17:  Town Hall:  Removing Memorials Is Just The Opening Salvo On The War on History 

8/18/2017:  Daily Signal:  CNN's 'Hate Groups' Map' puts Conservatives Lives At Risk 

8/18/2017 The Daily Caller: In Their Own Words:  The Radical Political Goals of 'Anti-Fascists

8/17/17:  Left Wing Mayor of Asheville Calls for Removal ... or Remodel? of Vance Monument http://buncombegop.org/2017/08/mayor-calls-vance-monument-removal-remodel/

8/17/17 Daily Caller 

" ... Many establishment political figures insisted the far-left actors were just like American soldiers on D-Day. But these “anti-fascists'” own statements show they’re nothing like American soldiers on D-Day.

They aren’t interested in protecting America’s system of government, according to their own statements — they’re interested in destroying it...."  Read more

The Daily Wire: How Liberals Justify Violence Against Conservatives

Dinesh D'Souza: The Big Lie Of Fascism Being Right Wing - Dinesh D'Souza DISMANTLES The Leftist Narrative!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytu5Kz6Y0CQ&sns=tw


The Big Lie https://twitter.com/DineshDSouza/status/897948863935414272


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Left Wing Hate Groups By John Perazzo

One of the biggest of the Left’s Big Lies is that conservative political groups and movements are universally motivated by hatred--of blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic groups; of homosexuals, transsexuals and other gender minorities; of immigrants, Muslims and others who are “marginalized” and therefore vulnerable.

This Big Lie is also an exercise in what Freud called “projection.” There are indeed haters on the right, but for the most part they are on its fringe— demented individuals or tiny groups with little more than a post office box and a toxic website. For the left, however, the politics of hatred is fundamental. It is in its bloodstream and has been since the French Revolution. Unlike the fringe hatred of the right, left hate groups swim successfully in the American mainstream. Because of the leftist bias in our culture and media, their followers can posture as idealists and protectors of the downtrodden. For them, hatred is no fault.

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