News You Need To Know. The Truth About Columbus. Tea Time 10/12/17 at IHOP

Happy Columbus Day!  


Please read.  Our civilization is under attack by fascists determined to undermine our nation.  Don't let them!  

Daily Signal: The Truth About Columbus


Trump Honors Christopher Columbus 'Man of Faith'


    Tea Time Meeting, Thursday, October 12th, 2017 at 6PM, IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden.  (Only the last Thursday of each month will be at Mills River Restaurant.).  


Top of the Agenda

 2A Action Items local, state and federal.  GRNC and AVL news. 

Inside stuff from the gun show. 

VIP report.  

Tax Reform including the LTEs and Meadows office visit.  

Action Items on Tax Reform, Health Care, Immigration. 

The message you want me to take to Heritage Action in DC next week.

An Unexpected Surprise ... 

'A Very Special Thank You' to Gary, my old huntin' bud and fellow teacher at Liberty High in CA, and to Larry, native CA who moved to TN, who helped set up for the Gun Show last Friday afternoon.  Had a great time visiting with both of them.  Hope they come back soon! And, Thank You for your military service!  🙂  


 Monday, October 9th. 217... Voter Integrity Project Petitions Meck County to Prosccute Vote Fraud.  Cites NC law designed to work around unresponsive District Attorneys.  That needs to end!  

No  16 billion dollar bailout for national flood insurance  program

The Constitution:  NFL Players Players Association Funneling Funds to George Soros 

 Glock 43 Gun Raffle is underway. 
 Donation: 1 for $6. 2 for $10 in person.   Or on line, here.  
Also tickets in person ... 
At  Fruitful Seasons, Pistol Packin gun store, 1927 Spartanburg Hwy, Unit 20, Hendersonville, NC  28792 
At PF Custon Guns, 18 Sunset Drive, Asheville, North Carolina  28806
Please continue to support the Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show and yourgun dealers to send the message that 2A is a fundamental natural right and it 'shall not be infringed'!  
Someone needs to get that message to Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.  Seems he thinks it's OK to all of a sudden 'regulate'!  Slippery slope. 
You belong to the @NRA?  Maybe you should let them know how this sits with you!   



Protect Your  2A Rights


Personal Liberty:  Why Governments Want Gun Control ..."Government men and politicians are not interested in your safety. They are interested in staying in power and maintaining the illusion that they are interested in your safety and well-being. ..."  


  Buncombe News


AC-T 10/8/17: 'An insult and a disgrace': Top Buncombe staff receive raises, 6-figure bonuses.  Wanda Greene under federal investigation. Find out who stole your tax money under the disguise of  'incentives.'  


NC News


Carolina Journal:  Ballot Changes Should Be Welcome 


Draining The Swamp?


Denuded Media:  Major Mueller Lawsuit Filed, Conservatives Love It


Breitbart News: Swamp critter Senator Bob Corker (R-TN 50% conservative score) should resign.  


Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan.  Sounds good but no amnesty for illegal alien 'dreamers.' 


#Boycott the NFL


Washington Times:  NFL ticket prices plunge amid backlash over players kneeling during national anthem: Report


Radical Islam


Understanding The Threat:  UTT Assesses Las Vegas Attack As A Jihadi Operation  


" ... The FBI has been wrong on every single attack of this nature over the last 8 years.
The FBI had investigations on and interviewed nearly all of the jihadis who ended up killing Americans in the attacks in Little Rock, San Bernadino, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Boston, and others.
The government called the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas and the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma as “workplace violence.”
The government continues to catastrophically fail in their basic duties to (1) know the enemy and (2) protect the public. ..."


Clarion Project: How To Spot Radicalization In Your Kids


From the Left Coast


The Blaze:  Prison for the wrong pronoun?  Tucker Carlson shuts down liberal strategist


Washington Free Beacon: California Sheriffs Call On Congress To Stop Their 'Sanctuary State'


Turn Gripe into Might! 



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Tax Reform, No Amnesty, Health Care, Employee Rights, 

Food Stamps, Town Halls


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