Illegals and Amnesty

From Numbers USA Post in Newsletter 9/27/2017

Did North Carolina voters elect Sen. Tillis to promote Perpetual Serial Amnesties? That’s what his new bill would do.

Call the Senator’s Washington office at: 202-224–6342
Call his Charlotte office at 704-509-9087
Call his Greenville office at 252-329-0371
Call his Hendersonville office at 828-693-8750
Call his High Point office at 336-885-0685
Call his Raleigh office at 919-856-4630


I know that many or most of you have voted for Sen. Tillis in the past. He needs to hear from you — his friends — today (or tomorrow, if you don’t see this soon enough).

He is in danger of turning himself into another open-borders Senator like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

He has introduced a “DACA amnesty” bill that does nothing to prevent future millions of illegal aliens from settling in this country.

Sen. Tillis’s amnesty bill allows outlaw employers to continue to freely hire illegal workers. That’s what caused the so-called “DACA & Dreamer” problem in the first place.

The Tillis amnesty offers hundreds of thousands of young-adult illegal aliens lifetime work permits, a slightly delayed path to citizenship and a slightly delayed opportunity to begin their own endless chains of extended family migration.

Advocates of this kind of amnesty say this is only fair because these illegal aliens were brought here as children and have grown up here without knowing the countries where they are citizens.

But Sen. Tillis’s amnesty bill does not address how this happened.

Here’s how it happened:

A. The U.S. Congress for 21 years has refused to mandate that every employer use the E-Verify system to make sure that every new hire has the legal right to hold a job in this country.

B. Because the majority of Congress insists on the ability of outlaw employers in their states and districts to hire illegal workers, the parents of these proposed DACA amnesty recipients have been able to support their families illegally for 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years.

C. Without the illegal jobs that Congress has been enabling, nearly all of the illegal-alien parents would have gone back home long ago — with their children. Nearly all of them came here to make more money. They overstayed their tourist visas and illegally crossed our borders because they knew Congress would allow them to get jobs.

Senators like Tom Cotton of Arkansas have been very public in recognizing what put these young-adult illegal aliens into the position that Sen. Tillis feels is untenable and deserving of mercy under the law.

Sen. Cotton says no DACA amnesty can possibly be considered without taking away the jobs magnet from all the other parents around the world who otherwise would be enticed to put their children into the same “untenable” situation that Sen. Tillis’s amnesty is supposed to address.

Even long-time amnesty supporter Paul Ryan has said Congress should not consider a DACA amnesty without preventing the conditions that created the pressure for this one.

Without mandatory E-Verify, parents around the world will start building up another population of hundreds of thousands of illegal childhood arrivals a few years from now who will demand yet another amnesty (we’ve already had four since 1986).

Yet, Sen. Tillis has not included mandatory E-Verify in his amnesty bill.

He has not even co-sponsored Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s bill (S.179) to mandate E-Verify.

Those of you who consider yourselves supporters of Sen. Tillis need to help him and his staff see the errors of this amnesty bill.

Now that he’s introduced the bill, what can you ask of him?

1. If you think he is wrong to introduce an amnesty at all, tell that to the staffer who answers the phone.

2. Ask Sen. Tillis to co-sponsor S.179, Sen. Grassley’s mandatory E-Verify bill.

3. Ask Sen. Tillis to make it clear publicly that he does not want any amnesty bill considered before the E-Verify bill (S.179) is signed into law.

There are many more problems with the Tillis amnesty bill which I will detail to you on other days.

For now, though, the Senator needs to be informed by his constituency about the giant problem caused by his rejection of mandatory E-Verify.

Every amnesty bill of the past has ignored the need for a mandatory verification system of new hires. And the result of every amnesty has been millions more illegal aliens settling here.

As it stands, the Tillis amnesty bill would continue OUR 31-YEAR-OLD SYSTEM OF PERPETUAL SERIAL AMNESTIES.

The bill Sen. Tillis (R-N.C.) has put together with Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) is called the SUCCEED Act.


New Actions

2/6/2017 Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Per my research, we provide Mexico with approximately $240 million each year in foreign aid and to include aid to combat illegal drugs coming into the USA.   I want to make sure you heard that Mexico has announced it will spend $50 million in legal fees to help Mexican migrants in the USA fight deportation (see weblink down below) through their consulate offices in the USA.

If Mexico has this much “spare money”, then why are we sending them aid?  By using the funding we send Mexico along with charging a 3% fee on money transfers from Mexicans living in the USA, and charging sensible border crossing fees, we could easily fund a border barrier over a ten year period……..NC LISTEN prefers a dual fence similar to the one used near San Diego, although the new fence should be even higher. NC LISTEN also supports a very tall concrete wall as a choice, and in some very very remote areas of our southern border a vehicle barrier would be sufficient.

And let’s not forget that illegal immigration costs the USA over $110 billion net per year. Spending money to reduce illegal immigration would easily pay for itself and a border barrier.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156

 George Soros, Nazi Collaborator, Enabler of Islam info here

Incredible that this can happen in America.  If you’re not awake, you should be!  Video of Rep Jason Chaffetz, 4/28/2016,  grilling ICE’s Director Sarah R. Saldana who leads the largest investigative agency within the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security. Created in 2003, ICE has a budget of $6 billion, has nearly 20,000 employees in all 50 states and 48 countries.
Tribune, 8/10/2016, Mike Scruggs: Islamic Paradise and Finatical Jihad

The Cost of Illegal Immigration On The States 

7/6/2016:  NC General Assembly Wimps Out In Short Session and Passes No State Immigration enforcement Legislation


NC Listen:  Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The News & Observer is firing their information technology workers and hiring foreign workers to replace them.

Note how to send them an email down below……  

The McClatchy Company, owner of the N&O, says they have no comment about the firings.  The N&O for years has been promoting illegal immigration and in effect throwing unemployed North Carolinians under the bus. 

Now the McClatchy Co and the N&O are using the same routine used by other unscrupulous businesses…..take my offered wage or my lower wage or I’ll claim I can’t find American workers, then that justifies firing your own workers and hiring foreign replacements.  ComputerWorld reports they gave the contract to Wipro and are sending their jobs to India.  This is yet another example of how our visa programs and foreign outsourcing is damaging our nation. 

Wipro Limited is based in India with some US offices and has filed 27,300 applications for H-1B visas (high tech workers) from fiscal year 2013 to 2015.  Wipro was ranked 4th among all H-1B visa sponsors to the USA.  So when they aren’t sending our jobs overseas, they are sending foreign workers directly to the USA exploiting our visa program.   

And the N&O editorial staff writes from their ivory tower every day lecturing the rest of us……..


Send an email to Ned Barnett at the N&O and let him know what you think, as he leads their Editorial section.

Send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156  


Important: If you forward this email to others, make sure you either remove the “Unsubscribe” link or use the “Forward this email” (both at bottom of message) so no one else can remove you from our list!
We are forwarding this message from NC’s great “issue” groups, NC For Immigration Reform and Enforcement. Share it with all conservative North Carolinians that you know (but note the warning, above). 

HB100- Record of Excusals from Jury Duty (Illegal Aliens & NC Voter Rolls)

Attention NC citizens, 
There is a bill sitting in the NC Senate Redistricting Committee, that will help eliminate illegal aliens from our NC voter rolls. 
This bill would allow the NC State Board of Elections to access the records of excusals from jury duty because of being a non-citizen.
Unbelievably that information is NOT ALLOWED to be shared at this time.
This bill has already passed in the NC House and even been through one Senate committee hearing where corrections were made. It is only ONE STEPaway from going to the NCGA floor and being voted into law.
I urge you to contact the NC Senators of the Redistricting Committee below and tell them you want HB100 to be voted on in committee.
Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman
Sen. Clark
Thanks for your support!
James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
Cell #:  910-286-3022
1/21/16 What is an illegal law abiding citizen?  Marco Rubio says they can stay.  So, let’s find out who they are.  
According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 75 % of of the 8.5 million illegal Immigrant workers in the US use false or stolen social security cards. In fact, there is a rather large industry in Arizona unlawfully obtaining the Social Security numbers of new born babies and selling them to illegal immigrant channels. The other 25 % of illegal alien workers, evade taxes by operating outside the income visible economy. American citizens doing these things would face heavy fines or prison. 
Amnesty does not stop illegal immigration; it explodes both illegal and legal immigration.
According to the Heritage Foundation, unlawful immigrant households cost on average $14,300+ per year more in benefits and services from federal, state, and local governments than they pay in total taxes paid of all kinds.
If they are legalized, that cost actually rises to nearly $28,000 per year because of higher benefit eligibility but little increase in tax revenue, because they would still remain in low tax brackets.
These costs were based on 2010 statistics. They are probably much higher now because of expanded eligibility for food stamps and lax enforcement of benefit eligibility. 
We don’t have the money for this.
Most of these costs are an indirect subsidy to employers who use illegal immigrants rather than American workers. 
The economic costs to American workers for both legal and illegal cheap foreign labor is more than $402 billion per year or more than $2700 per year per American worker. The businesses using this labor profit $437 billion per year. That is why these businesses can easily afford $150 million per year to lobby and  persuade legislators and the public that amnesty and increased legal immigration are good for the country, when it is actually a fiscal and economic burden with nation-destroying potential. 
High immigration is not compatible with the welfare state we have become. We are already running up huge federal deficits and enormous debt that could send the value of the dollar and real household savings down sharply, inflicting enormous damage to the American economy.
In addition, public safety and national security risks are substantially increased by tolerating illegal or loosely vetted legal immigration, including the extravagantly wasteful and coercive refugee settlement programs being imposed on local communities by the U.S. State Department. There needs to be a thorough Congressional investigation of our Resettlement Program in regard to possible corruption and national security risks.  
In summary, doing nothing about illegal immigration, letting millions of illegal immigrants stay here under a deceptively lax definition of “law abiding,” and amnesty are all unacceptably costly to taxpayers and American workers.  
Most of our illegal immigrant problem would go away on its own, if we had the good sense and courage to enforce our immigration laws at the workplace and the welfare benefit offices. Securing the border will help, but without enforcement at the workplace, it will be less than 50 percent effective. The best thing we can do to solve our immigration problem is to shut off the job and free benefits magnets. 
Furthermore, amnesties steadily change the electorate to stack the deck against conservative issues and conservative political leaders. So much change has already occurred under the George W. Bush and the Barack Obama administrations that  
we are almost certainly near the edge of the cliff, which would make leftist-Democrat rule a permanent feature of American government. We simply cannot afford any more amnesties or failure to enforce immigration law, no matter how emotional the appeal.
Caving in to amnesties does enormous damage to taxpayers and American workers and their families. It erodes respect for Constitutional government and respect for our very concept of law. Caving in to amnesties has brought us to a steep slope, beyond which lies the precipice of national self-destruction. We must pay very careful attention to who we elect President, to Congress, and to State office and legislatures, as well as the officers of county and municipal governments. We are on the edge, and we must act with relentless scrutiny. 
Mike Scruggs



11/11/2015  U.S. Seals another deal to Protect Illegl Aliens’ “Workplace Rights”


Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against President Obama’s earlier unlawful amnesty for millions and upholds the opinion rendered earlier by Federal Court in Texas. You might recall Gov Pat McCrory in this case took the bold step to include North Carolina as part of 26 states in opposition to Obama’s outrageous power grab on immigration, an act Obama himself had said over twenty times he had no authority to take. 

Justice prevails for now.   No doubt the Obama administration will appeal the Appeals court ruling of today.   However there is considerable likelihood a further appeal might not take place before Obama leaves office.

Send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156 



9/29/2015 Legislation in Raleigh H318.  Urge Reps to Vote Yes

H318 overview:1) No longer will Matricula Consular or other foreign consular ID cards be accepted forms of ID for local and state government purposes in North Carolina (including law enforcement)  
2) ID cards created by cities, counties or organizations will no longer be accepted as forms of ID by NC law enforcement or local/state agencies (including Social Services).3) Sanctuary city ordinances for illegal aliens, that have already been put in place by numerous cities, counties, local ordinance and law enforcement in NC, will be outlawed. 4) All cities and counties in NC entering into larger contracts must require the use of E-Verify to make sure the workers are legal residents.
Thank you.  Jane Bilello
 Hendersonville, NC
 Thanks for your support!James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement


Twitter: @NCFIREJames
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-855-NCFIRE1 (1-855-623-4731)
Cell #  910-286-3022


July 5, 2015 illegals update 

Visit the following website often for the latest on legislation,  issues, crimes committed by illegals, etc.

Fair US:

Numbers USA often for the latest on legislation, DHS, border issues, etc.


San Fran woman murdered by illegal deported 7 times.  San Fran – a sanctuary city.

Trump is right about Mexican illegals committing crimes

CATO Institute Research on immigrant legalization on crime:  A must read!

Illegals released from custody committed 1000 new crimes 1/30/2015


June 29, 2015: Citizenship Means Nothing Anymore!  Supreme Court Victory for Voting Rights Advocates. ” … “Arizona citizens can continue to participate in voter registration drives without worrying about not having proof of citizenship documents,” Shirley Sandelands of the League of Women Voters of Arizona said in a statement Monday

NC Voter ID Law Gutted by YOUR Reps – that means a majority of them were RINOs.  They should be ashamed of what they did but they’re not.  Primary them!  See what they did …  Reason Three HAVA ID … Again  


Subject: NC HB 328 
Counterfeit Compassion

Faithful Servant of Greed and Tyranny

Mike Scruggs

In 1992, while a scholar at the Heritage Foundation, Marvin Olasky wrote a book called The Tragedy of American Compassion.” His book is about how the misguided policies of political leaders, continually trotting out the word, “compassion,” to justify their actions, did not really help the needy to a better life but multiplied their number. Such misguided compassion also multiplied the tax burden on most Americans. The influence of Olasky’s book at least slowed the growth of the Great Society Welfare State.


Compassion is an important Christian virtue, but like any virtue, it can be applied unwisely. Biblical compassion is not a license for permissiveness, which often makes human conditions worse. Thoughtless, “feel-good” compassion frequently ignores important facts, conditions, and reality. It makes the thoughtless feel good but blindly hurts innocent people. True compassion requires an analysis of its likely consequences, and analysis requires facts and numbers. It cannot be based on a few emotional anecdotes—a communication style especially favored by demagogues. It must represent as accurately and objectively as possible the total truth and must attempt to see secondary as well as immediate consequences. Shallow, feel-good compassion has proved one of the great failings of American politics.


Of course, feelings of compassion are by no means exclusively Christian. However, I hear appeals to compassion addressed specifically to Christian audiences to justify political policies and actions that actually turn thoughtful compassion upside down.


A 1922 book by Presbyterian seminary professor J. Gresham Machen, with the provocative title,Christianity and Liberalism, made a strong Biblical case that Christianity and theological liberalism are not the same thing, the big difference being liberalism’s growing disdain for the authority of Biblical truth. Theological liberalism has adopted humanism in place of Biblical Christianity. Machen expressed it even more forcefully in asserting that Christianity and liberalism are two different religions. Machen was comparing theological rather than political liberalism with Christianity, but today the overlap between theological liberalism and political liberalism is very great. Hence the values of political liberalism often run counter to Biblical Christianity.  In addition, a high percentage of political conservatives base their conservatism on a Biblical worldview.


Machen also pointed out that liberal theology retained most of the vocabulary of traditional Christianity but with altered meanings. This makes knowledge of facts and intellectual and moral discernment critically important in evaluating both religious and political persuasion.


Misguided, shallow, and feel-good compassion are dangerous enough, but the involvement of strong economic and power-driven partisanship magnify the danger immensely. Big money and political power are inclined to distort and cover-up facts.


Some recent radio ads playing on Christian and politically conservative talk-show programs have been aimed at convincing Christian listeners that amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants is the compassionate and therefore Christian thing to do. The ads called for prayer that Christian principles would be used to resolve our immigration problems and “provide a path to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants. Amnesty was not mentioned, but amnesty is a necessary step before citizenship.  The radio ad claimed an evangelical and implied conservative identity. It is inappropriate, however, to ask people to decide on that question by abstractly balancing considerations of law and compassion without the pertinent facts, numbers, and a rigorous analysis of historical precedents and future consequences. The ad also confused individual responsibility for a forgiving heart with government responsibility for justice and social order.


Let’s look at a few facts regarding immigration.


According to Edwin S. Rubenstein Economic Consultants, since January 2009, when President Obama took office, foreign-born employment increased 1.651 million or 7.6 percent, but native-born employment increased only 20,000 or .02 percent.  Essentially, approximately 1.6 million native-born American workers were displaced by lower-paid immigrants. Yet no one seems to have any compassion for these American workers and their families.


 A very basic rule of economics is that a shortage of goods or labor drives prices or wages up, but that an excess supply of goods or labor drives prices or wages down.


 According to Harvard’s George Borjas, the cost of unprecedented numbers of both legal and illegal cheap foreign workers flooding our labor markets has been enormous to American workers. It has accumulated to a $402 billion or over $2,700 per worker annual loss. On the other hand, the American corporate and individual users of cheap foreign labor profit $437 billion per year. The corporate lobbyists spend $150 million per year to sustain these cheap labor advantages. What Americans are hurt the most? The burden falls on almost every level, but those hardest hit are the unskilled poor, minorities, and new college graduates, even those with technical degrees. This is scandalous cheap-labor greed driving bad policy. Where is the compassion for these American workers, whose living standard has not risen in over a 15 years?


According to a recent report by the Heritage foundation, amnesty would cost $6.3 Trillion dollars added to our already dangerous national debt of nearly $18 Trillion. We are already running annual deficits of $1.0 Trillion per year. The U.S. does not have the money.  We will have to borrow all of it, probably from the Chinese.


The average net deficit for benefits and services less taxes paid for illegal immigrant households is $14,387 per year, owing largely to low education and skill levels.  Their average education is only 10th grade. Amnesty would eventually run the cost to nearly $28,000 per household per year due to more benefit eligibilities but very limited income improvement.  States and local communities pay most of this. It basically represents a subsidy for employers of illegal immigrants. Cheap labor users win. Big cheap labor using corporations win big. Taxpayers and American workers and their families lose.  Compassion?


Yet the Schumer-Rubio-Obama amnesty that passed the Senate, but not the House in 2013, had additional provisions to bring in 20 to 22 million additional legal immigrants over the next decade to compete with American workers. This did not count provisions for millions of additional temporary guest-workers. That doesn’t look good for American workers, their families, or taxpayers. What sort of compassion is this? Counterfeit compassion and tyranny with little regard for their fellow Americans!


See for the latest legislation and court cases.  

5/2/2015:  House Committee Approves Amendment that Affirms of Obama’s DACA Amnesty

4/28/2015:  Court Cases Could Undo Obama’s Executive Amnesty


March Child Rapes by Illegals:

In the last 17 months in North Carolina, over 1,170 illegal aliens have been charged with 5,675 separate charges of child rape..

Is cheap labor such a sacred cow that we tolerate such acts against our children?
Is immigration such a sacred cow that we cannot enforce just laws against illegal immigrants who abuse our children?
Are we so cowardly that we will not protect or defend out children for fear of being misunderstood or criticized. 
God forbid that we should become so politically correct that we tolerate grave harm to out children and do not protest. 
Read this NCFIRE report and ask yourself, if we should sweep all this under the rug for the sake of personal peace and tolerance. Whoever tolerates evil is complicit in evil. 
Let somebody else bring it to public attention? It seems to be too controversial for the liberal media. Really? 
At least contact your NC legislators, county commissioners, county sheriffs, and other local leadership to let people know we should not tolerate such atrocities against our children for any reason. 
No virtue or civilization  can survive without courage.
Mike Scruggs


3/31/2015  Action Alert! Bill to Give Drivers’ Licenses to Illegals

Defenders of law and order are headed to the NC General Assembly this morning and need your help. (Even if you get this email late, call anyway. The hearing for this bill is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow)

Subject- HB 328 (“Drivers licenses for illegal aliens in NC bill”).

ACTION NEEDED BY YOU- Call the members of the NC Judiciary I committee below to oppose Rep. Harry Warren’s HB 328 ‘Licenses for illegal aliens bill”
Very simply say: “I’m calling to ask Rep. ____ to oppose Rep. Harry Warren’s HB 328 that would give licenses to illegal aliens which more than 77% of all Americans oppose.”
Chairman: Rep. Daughtry 919-733-5605
Vice Chairman: Rep. Burr 919-733-5908
Vice Chairman: Rep. Jackson 919-733-5974
Rep. Arp- 919-715-3007
Rep. L. Hall- 919-733-5872
Rep. Hardister- 919-733-5191
Rep. Howard- 919-733-5904
Rep. G. Martin- 919-733-5773
Rep. McNeill- 919-715-4946
Rep. Robinson- 919-733-5931
Rep. Steinburg- 919-733-0010
Thank you for your support!

James Johnson
President NCFIRE- North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 (anonymous reporting) 
cell # 910-286-3022



Illegal with Drug Charges Got DACA Amnesty Faces Charges of Murder of Three:  Ask Senator Tillis why he voted to eliminate the rule that would have allowed defunding of Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty (giving himself cover) and then conveniently voted against DHS funding?  RINO alert!  

According to a recent report from ICE, there were 167,527 known criminal aliens currently loose in the United States as of January 26.

Illegals Likely to Get Social Security.  Thank the GOP for passing amnesty!


3/11/2015: How Tillis Voted To Support Illegal Amnesty:

3/4/2015:  75 RINOs Sell Out to Unconstitutional Amnesty.  Primary Them!:

3/2/2015:GOP Leadership Targets Conservatives for Their NO Vote on Amnesty  With Despicable Ads:


2/27/15: Sen Jeff Sessions Video  Congress Needs To Block Funds for Unconstitutional Amnesty:

2/24/15:  Defund Obama’s Unconstitutiona Amnesty.  Deadline 2/27/2015

Defund Executive Amnesty

Tweet this:  .#DefundObama’sAmnesty@RepMarkMeadows@PatrickMcHenry

Call DC:  Congressman Mark Meadows  (R NC-11)202 225 6401.  

Congressman Patrick McHenry: (R-NC10) 202 225 2576

When it gets to Senate call

Richard Burr, (R NC)   (202) 224-3154

Thom Tillis (R-NC)  (202) 224 6342

DHS Funding Fight: The fight to defund the President’s executive amnesty continues.  The Senate has voted three times on motions to end debate on a bill (H.R. 240) that would block funding for the President’s amnesty and fund DHS until the end of the fiscal year.  Another vote to end debate is scheduled for 5:30pm EST today.  If the Department’s funding is not extended, a partial shutdown of the department will occur.  Most DHS employees are considered essential, and will remain at work.

Alternate plans have been suggested to avoid this scenario.  One is a short-term continuing resolution that would fund DHS for a limited time while the legislative debate continues.  Heritage Action opposes this strategy as well as any procedural gimmicks that separate the defunding amendments from the funding bill itself.

In the wake of the midterm elections, President Barack Obama took an unprecedented unilateral action to extend amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants. This decision flew directly in the face of all members of Congress, the voters who had just rejected the liberal immigration initiatives of the last six years, and the U.S. Constitution itself.

The House has passed a bill, H.R. 240, that will fund the Department of Homeland Security until September.  The bill contains crucial, nonnegotiable language that defunds both DACA and the amnesty of November 20th.  The GOP Senate have tried to move forward on the bill multiple times, but they have been blocked by a Democratic filibusters.  GOP Senators are signaling openness to compromise.


2/18/2015 Judge Napolitano and Senator Red Cruz – Obama Amnesty Plan Dead!

2/16/2015:  Texas Court Issues Injunction To Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty:

Remember to see and for more updates on how our governnment is undermining our nation.  

2/13/2015:  Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegals to vote in elections:

2/11/2015: Republicans We can’t defund amnesty: 

House and Senate Republicans Signaling Surrender:  WHAT!!!  Will you voice your disgust??

1/27/2015:  California DMV ordered to overlook identity theft by illegals:


1/26/2015:  McCaul bill pulled.  Your calls make a difference!  

1/26/2015: Call your Representatives Meadows and McHenry this morning and urge NO vote on McCaul unless it’s improved.  Switchboard:  202 224 3121

In its current form, the McCaul border bill, H.R.399, would not actually secure the border. I urge you to vote NO unless the bill is improved on the House floor.

1/26/2015: Numbers USA cannot support HR 399 in its current form: Read more about it:

Follow Numbers USA on Twitter:


Immigration (HR-240): Funding for the Department of Homeland Security expires February 27th.  This funding deadline represents conservatives’ best available opportunity to stop the President’s executive amnesty by attaching defund riders to the DHS appropriations bill.  The House has already passed a bill (HR-240) with several key amendments attached to do this: the Aderholt-Mulvaney-Barletta Amendment, which would stop funds (and fees) the amnesty of Nov. 20th, and the Blackburn Amendment, which would put a stop to the earlier DACA amnesty.

The Senate will soon consider the bill passed by the House. Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner has claimed the Republican leadership’s “goal…is to fund the Department of Homeland Security” and its “second goal is to stop the president’s executive overreach.” Any bill sent to the President’s desk must contain the Blackburn and Aderholt Amendments.