Islamic Terrorism


Islamic State Boils Six Accused As Spies Alive in Tar

Child Rape Case Inspires Lawmaker To Fight Philly Sanctuary City Policy

Islamic Refugee Caught With Gas Pipeline Plans Arrested At New Mexico Border County

‘Senior Muslim Cleric Call Universal Genital Mutilation ‘would be very good’

George Soros, Nazi Collaborator, Enabler of Islam info here
Incredible that this can happen in America.  If you're not awake, you should be!  Video of Rep Jason Chaffetz, 4/28/2016,  grilling ICE's Director Sarah R. Saldana who leads the largest investigative agency within the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security. Created in 2003, ICE has a budget of $6 billion, has nearly 20,000 employees in all 50 states and 48 countries.
8/10/2016:  Mike Scruggs:  Islamic Paradise and Finatical Jihad
What Thomas Jefferson and John Adams learned from the Barbary Pirates and the Koran, but most U.S. politicians and most certainly the U.S. media now ignore at a terrible risk to the security of our country and the safety of our people.  Mike Scruggs   
Islamic Paradise and Fanatical Jihad: Shadows over National Security and Public Safety
7/27/2016:  You Tube Videos on Islam Taking Over Europe (must see)
Islamic Demographics:  Islam Taking over Europe:
12/1/2015 FBI Charts Documents Portray CAIR As Hamase Related Organization
Radical Islam
5/2/2015  ISIS Fighters take control of Syrian  border town and fire missiles into Israel
Unite With Christians Around The World.  Wear an Orange Ribbon
3/29/2015:  Defecting Iranian Journalist:  U.S. At Nuclear Talke To Speak on Iran's Behalf
2/1/2015Why Obama won't call terror fight a war on radical Islam: