Buncombe GOP Chair Election

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February 13, 2017


From:               Carl Mumpower

To:                   Buncombe County Republicans – past, present and future

Subject:            Information release – Buncombe County GOP Chair Position


Our current Chair of the BCGOP – Nathan West – recently announced his intention to not seek reelection. Credit is due for his contributions of time, energy, and dedication. Those who have served in similar shoes recognize the hurdles associated with his underappreciated responsibility – thank you Nathan.


Having filtered the possibility through my family and higher authority, I have made the decision to run for the Chair’s position and have formally notified the nominating committee of that objective.


Recent events affirm that a majority of Americans remain devoted to conservative values. That truism holds in WNC as elsewhere. The election of a conservatively guided President and Congress – and the preservation of a Republican majority in Raleigh – affords exceptional opportunity to challenge the drift toward progressive-liberal-socialism.


We are at a crucial juncture in a cultural struggle with those wishing to undo America’s traditional success equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity. Those in our community who believe in Republicanism’s countering dedication to Reality, Reason, Responsibility, and Right deserve continued opportunity to do their part. I’d like to help. Here’s how—


Ø  To administer the BCGOP in a fair and open manner – with a steady hand on our rules, responsibilities, and mission. To concentrate with the Executive Committee on the nuts and bolts of our Party’s future – fund raising, precinct development, voter registration, and candidate development and encouragement.

Ø  To inspire confidence in the GOP for those seeking a common sense political party that can be counted on.

Ø  To function without obligation to special interests, community power brokers, or personal advantage.

Ø  To supportively hold our local, state, and national elected officials accountable to our Party’s stated principles – and tirelessly, aggressively, and creatively confront the absurdities, deceptions, and seductions of the P-L-S movement as manifested in the Democratic Party.

Ø  To enthusiastically support the Republican Party’s core principles as summarized in (1) Restraining government overreach into our citizen’s pockets and freedoms (2) Upholding the opportunity, property, and safety of our citizenry (3) Serving as a persistent voice for conservative values and (4) Preserving the inspirational governance model gifted in the U.S. Constitution.


It goes without saying that unity matters. It will be a personal priority to minimize internal friction and build on our common ground as we battle our shared adversary.


I welcome your consideration and support as I step toward a position that stands as a responsibility – not a prize. Regardless of your leadership preferences, thank you for caring enough about our community to invest in its future. Thank you for being a Republican – our country needs us more than ever.





Carl Mumpower


BCGOP Convention

Thursday, March 23rd

5:00 (doors open)

Precinct meeting follows, must attend to be eligible to vote on Executive Board

positions- Chairmanship, etc.

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save