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The concept of the Black Robed Regiment has deep roots in American History particularly in our struggle for independence. The patriot preachers who are remembered as members of this esteemed legion of warriors come alive once again via Pastor Dan Fisher's highly acclaimed Black Robed Regiment presentation.


We're partnering with Dr Dan's Freedom Forum to bring this program to western North Carolina for Constitution Week this year.  It's beyond exciting!  As we piece together the moving parts of establishing dates, times and locations for this event, we're looking for venues in various locations that can accommodate larger crowds (perhaps 200 on up).  We're also seeking out a local minister/pastor (to join our steering committee) whose passion for his country and liberty is revealed in his words and actions.


Cherokee County is already identified for two presentations late in the week of Sep 18-22.  We're looking to establish presentations in Polk, Henderson and possibly one other county - Buncombe.. We want to include also our close SC neighbors in the greater Landrum area. Our target audiences include middle school age children (Christian and home schools) and adult audiences (Church groups, Conservative groups) .  Public school venues will likely be troublesome because of the ban on weapons.  A significant portion of the presentation are the (Smithsonian) quality aritifacts and relics used during the presentation.

Black Robed Regiment 

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