ATPAC 2018 Recommended Buncombe and Henderson Ballots

ATPAC Recommended November 2018 Ballots.  

Don't forget to vote YES on all 6 Amendments.  To find out why, see here.

This is our chance to finally get Voter ID as part of our NC Constitution.  Please take 4 friends with you to the polls.  Make no mistake, this election is as important, if not more so, than the 2016 Presidential election.  Socialists and activist judges are on the ballot and only you can send them packing. 

Our conservative judges are vital to assure we truly get back to the rule of law and not legislation from the bench.  You will not recognize this county.  Case in point, see what the Democrat Socialists are doing to Kavanaugh.  Guilty by reason of an accusation without evidence.  Questions:  Call Jane and leave a message with a phone number.  I'll call you back.  828 692 3117.

Volunteer for a candidate's campaign.  There's much you can do.  


Buncombe County Ballot here.

Henderson County Ballot here.  

Please note:  While the candidates we recommend are registered Republicans, we do not recommend candidates because they are Republicans.  We do not recommend candidates or incumbents who repeatedly demonstrate a violation of your individual rights,  limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free market principles as evidenced by their voting record.  We do not recommend candidates who cannot clearly articulate their positions on local, state, and federal issues as filtered through constitutional principles.  They must walk unafraid to embrace constitutional authority. Integrity, honesty, and reputation are paramount.  We look at score cards with Heritage Action for America, FreedomWorks, Conservative Review, and Numbers USA, Grassroots North Carolina (your 2A rights),  NC Values Coalition, and the American Family Association,who, like us, adhere to constitutional principles and champion our inalienable rights.