Heritage Sentinel Weekly Call Notes

Sentinel Call Notes September 17, 2018

Appropriations “Cromnibus Bill”—With federal spending expiring on September 30, House and Senate Leadership struck a deal on the Defense and Labor-HHS-Education bill (H.R. 6147) that will also include a continuing resolution to fund the rest of the government through December 7th. Heritage Action is key voting against this bill for the following reasons:

  • It contains no conservative policy riders.
  • It continues spending levels above the Trump administration’s Budget requests.
  • It fails to fully fund the border wall.
  • It does not defund planned parenthood.
  • It does not contain the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act which protects faith-based adoption agencies from forced closure.

Sentinel Exclusive News—This fall, Heritage Action will be engaging directly in twelve congressional elections. One part of this campaign is twelve district-specific websites that show how much money families are saving thanks to last year’s tax cuts. Check it out at: taxcutchamps.com.

Thank you for your commitment to conservative values, and keep up the good work!

Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action

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