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You've heard of the ‪"Ice Bucket" challenge, now join the ‪"Fire John Boehner" challenge.

I (Nicole Revels)  was challenged by Chuck Suter of to make a short video communicating why I believe we should fire John Boehner as Speaker of the US House of Representatives. I have now challenged several others to share their reasons or contribute $10 to a North Carolina grassroots media organization.

I also challenge NC patriot House Reps. Mark Meadows and Walter Jones to get the job done! I know they will!

Here's the link to my #FireJohnBoehner video:

How about your #FireJohnBoehner video? This is my blanket invitation to join the challenge and help send a loud message to Congress communicating how the American people wish to be represented in the upcoming vote.

Here are the rules...

1. State your name and mention the #FireJohnBoehner Challenge.
2. Explain why you want a new Speaker of the House.
3. Challenge friends to join the effort or to donate $10 to your favorite political organization.

More information 
The following link is an article about the challenge from Tea Party trailblazer Brooke McGowan:

I hope to see your video soon!

Nicole Revels

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