Buncombe Board of Elections Prelim Hearing of ATP’s 257 Voter Registration Challenges, Thurs Jan 8th, 5:30 PM

ASHEVILLE TEA PARTY News Release January 7, 2015

Contact: Jane Bilello

828 692-3117


For Immediate Release

The Buncombe Board of Elections will hear Asheville Tea Party’s 257 voter registration challenges at 5:30 PM at the Buncombe Board of Elections on Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 35 Woodfin Street, Asheville 28801.  

The information for these challenges is public information that came directly from the State Board of Elections website at ftp://alt.ncsbe.gov/data/ 

The file named ncvoter11.zip was downloaded as a zipped csv (comma separated values) file and imported into Microsoft Excel.

The file was then sorted by registration address. This allows one to see multiple registrations at the same address.  This was the only criteria.

When more than five registrations were discovered at an address, the address was visited to ask the current resident or residence manager if the person or persons live at the address.  

Any name that the resident or manager of an address stated did not live there, a letter was sent to verify if the registrants actually live at the address. If a letter was returned, a challenge was filed.

Chair Jane Bilello stated

” Of the 257 voter registration challenges, 43 of the names have been challenged previously because a returned letter was received.  The challenges were previously denied by BOE because the registrations were designated ‘active’. Those addresses were visited.   A signed statement from the resident or manager of the property was obtained, thus, designating which registrants are no longer residing at the address. These are being re-challenged.

Like Voter Integrity Project, Asheville Tea Party is ‘dedicated to ensuring free and fair elections for all lawfully registered voters.’  We jeopardize election integrity if names of ‘missing voters’ can be used to cast a vote. We want every legitimate vote to count!”=END

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