The Export – Import Bank Is Dead! A Victory Against Cronyism! Up to Rs Now To Preserve This Policy Victory

Ding Dong, The Export Import Bank Is Dead (at least for now)

"...A t midnight tonight (July 2nd) , the Bank’s charter will expire for the first time since its creation 80 years ago. This means it won’t be issuing taxpayer-backed loans to big companies with political clout. It won’t be granting special favors to green energy companies to satisfy the president’s personal preferences. It won’t be handing out your money to foreign and corrupt corporations. The expiration of Ex-Im is a blow against the cronyism and corporate favoritism that gives “pro-business” Republicans a bad name, and that’s something we should celebrate. ...

The Ex-Im Bank's Expiration is A Win For Free Enterprise

Success! Ex-Im has Expired

Thanks to the great work of Sentinels across the nation the Export-Import bank has expired! In response Heritage Action released this press statement ahead of its expiration:

We Did It! Export-Import Bank Expires Tonight
Heritage Action for America
June 30, 2015

Washington –  Tonight at midnight, the charter for the U.S. Export-Import Bank will expire for the first time in the bank’s 81-year history.  By law, the bank should begin the process of liquidating its assets Wednesday morning.  Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

“Change doesn’t come fast or easy in Washington, but over the past three years conservatives created the conditions that caused the Export-Import Bank to expire and enter liquidation.  Now it is up to Republican leaders to accept and preserve this major policy victory.”

See here for more info on Ex-Im

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