It’s On: Rep Mark Meadows Makes Move To #FireBoehner As Speaker! Hound your reps.

Breaking!  Call Mark and thank him - again - for standing up! #FireBoehner! Call your representative and demand that they support this resolution to 'vacate the chair.'   Your reps are coming home to your districts.  You need to hammer them to #FireBoehner.  The House will be in recess.  This is our chance to build momentum over the recess. The conversation is NOT who will replace him. It's to  #FireBoehner.  Get commitments from your reps to vote to #FireBoehner.  This has been building.  We need to make sure it reaches a crescendo and we get this done.  

'Google' your rep and get phone and address of their  local district offices.  Hound them and get commitments!  

Rep Mark Meadows 202 225 6401

FreedomWorks  helps you find Your Congressman here

Congress' phone numbers in DC 

ReTweet This:  .#FireBoehner #MakeDCListen Thank You @RepMarkMeadows @TheRightMelody 


John Boehner Coup:  Mark Meadows Files Motion to Oust

It's On:  Rep Mark Meadows Makes Move To Unseat John Boehner as Speaker Immediately

Mark Meadows Files Motion To Remove Boehner as Speaker

 The Resolution here

House Lawmaker Files Motion to Oust Boehner

Breaking:  Mark Meadows Files Motion To Oust Boehner From Leadership.  Mark Levin Salutes Him

GOP Lawmakes Seeks To Oust Boehner

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