Call Buncombe County Commissioners. No Refugee Resettlement. ‘Don’t Put Us At Risk!’

The Asheville area and a 50 mile radius around it, is one of the top refugee targets in the Federal and North Carolina Refugee Plans.
Don't become complacent.
If you live in counties within that radius of of 50 miles from Asheville, your community will be affected should refugee resettlement become a reality. That means Districts 10 and 11!  There are two of the nine refugee providers in Asheville that would like to get this program underway. Citizens can stop it. 
Many communities are lead to believe by the sponsors and the State Department that most of the cost will be absorbed by the Federal government.  This is misleading. YOU pay Federal taxes, so it's your money.  Also, state and local governments pick up most of the cost because the federal money runs out after 3 months. (Refugees have access to 15 federal programs just as US citizens!) why are we doing this when the cost to resettle one Middle Eastern refugee in the U.S. for five years, can help 12  in the Middle East for 5 years, or 61 helped for one year.  
 Last but not least, these refugees pose a serious security risk.   FBI Director Comey admits that they cannot be properly vetted. Think Boston, Orlando,  San Bernadino, Paris, Munich and the list goes on. Moreover, they also bring communicable diseases and pose a health risk.   
Only YOU can stop the risk to our lives and property.  As our Congressman Mark Meadows underscored at the Tuesday, 8/23 Town Hall, we must get involved by speaking up.  Other communities across the country have stopped refugee resettlement because they got ahead of the issue before it was too late by making their voices heard to their local government agencies, most importantly, county commissioners.                                                                                    We need to do the same.  
According to our NC State Refugee Plan (pg3), local agencies who are affected must be be notified, consulted and included in the planning " ... to ensure successful resettlement and to minimize and potential negative impact within the community. ..." We need to remind our  commissioners of the "impact within the community."                                  This is YOUR responsibility.  
Make A Difference. Be Part of The Solution. 
  • Contact your Buncombe County Commissioners. See below and here for contact info.   Call, email, and by all means, contact by Twitter. Suggested Tweets.) We need an army to make the point.  Do this today and repeat.  
See here for suggested Talking Points to make with them. Please be polite.  Use our resources for help. Use your own talking points, but be factual. 
See here for suggested Tweets. 
See drop down menu on Local and State Issues link on site for additional resources and back up materials should you need them.  See here for letters to the editor
Good luck to all of us!
 Buncombe County Commissioners contact page information (includes contact info below) plus Twitter handles. .
Buncombe County Commissioners Meeting Schedule
Talking Points page here.
Twitter handles for media and reps here..
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