Lame Duck Victories

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Congress wrapped up its final legislative week just in time for the holidays. With no more votes scheduled in the waning days of 2016, that means the lame-duck session is officially over.

Conservatives rallied behind the message that legislating during a lame-duck session is dangerous for the American people, and Congress took notice.

Thanks to your activism here’s some of the top lame duck victories:

No Obama Supreme Court Nominations

Ensuring that no Obama Supreme Court nominee was confirmed during his final year in office was a huge victory for conservatives.

Moving forward into 2017, President-elect Trump will have the opportunity to nominate a true conservative who will uphold and defend the Constitution to replace Justice Scalia.

Don’t “Draft our Daughters”

In the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act, the “Draft our Daughters” provision that would have required America’s young women to sign up for the Selective Service was not included.

This is a major success for Congress to hear the voices of grassroots America and ultimately defeat President Obama’s attempt at social engineering.

Stopped a Massive Spending Bill

Congress passed a short-term spending bill instead of a massive omnibus. The continuing resolution wasn’t perfect, but by pushing the funding fight until April Congress is positioned to take on a conservative budget under a Trump Administration.

No Obamacare Bailouts

The outgoing Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress are hoping to prop up Obamacare by using taxpayer dollars to bailout insurance companies. While none of these bailouts happened during the Lame Duck, Republicans must be vigilant to ensure that no backdoor payments are made to the insurance companies between now and January 20th, 2017.

No Internet Sales Tax

Under the guise of the “Marketplace Fairness Act,” an internet sales tax would have added another burden for consumers and businesses. This type of sales tax is a cronyist handout to big businesses, and it’s a good thing lawmakers didn’t let it happen.

Now Congress must get ready to have a full repeal of Obamacare ready for Donald Trump’s signature on day one.

With your help we can keep the pressure up and repeal Obamacare in 2017. Thanks for all your hard work this year, we look forward to continue fighting for conservative principles with you.

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