NC Senate Set To Betray You on HB2. NC House Can Stop Them. Call House Reps: ADJOURN WITH NO ACTION!

NC Senate Set To Betray YOU with HB2. The NC House Can Stop This.   Tell your House Rep ...

Call your  Republican House Reps and tell them ADJOURN WITH NO ACTION!  

The Senate is poised to cave to the left - tonight!  They are entertaining a 6 month moratorium on action with HB2.  Why??  HB2 is the law.  Elections have consequences and you spoke giving both Houses a GOP majority.  

The NC House Can Stop This In Its Tracks. Let your voice be heard!  

  Remind them that if they want to keep the  GOP majority in both houses, they need to #KeepNCSafe!  

 NC House 113 House Rep Chris Whitmire here.  919-715-4466
(Chris is with us and he is a NO vote.  He is on his way back to Raleigh from knee surgery!) 

NC House 117 Rep Chuck McGrady here. 919 733 5956

 NC Senator Chuck Edwards here.  919 733 5745

Governor Pat McCrory here.  919 814 2050 

In case you missed it this AM.  

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