Tweet Fest Thursday #FullRepeal of Obamacare #Repeat2015Repeal

TweetFest Thursday, March 2nd between 11am and 1pm.  Easiest way to participate, go to @AhevilleTeaPty Twitter page or go to #FullRepeal and Retweet.  (Just 'click' double arrows at the bottom of the Tweet.) 


Congress is falling behind in their promise to repeal Obamacare. Because of that delay, plans and proposals are being discussed in backrooms with no transparency about the process or plan.

And the most absurd part is that they have a conservative solution sitting in wait. In 2015 Congress passed a principled bill that repealed Obamacare. Now all they need to do is dust off the bill, pass it again and get President Trump’s signature. This week, let’s focus on telling Congress to stop messing around with additional plans, be transparent about the process and re-pass the 2015 bill.

-Sondra Clark

Major talking points:

  • Congress shouldn’t mess around with other plans but pass the 2015 version of Obamacare repeal that they have already passed! All they need to do is re-pass the current bill and get President Trump’s signature.
  • Seven in 10 Americans believe the longer Congress waits, the less likely it is that Obamacare repeal becomes a reality.
  • Americans deserve full transparency, including legislative text and full budget scores, as this important debate plays out in real time.

Sample Tweets:

Click to Tweet: Congress, it’s time to stop delaying! Dust off the 2015 #RepealObamcare Bill, pass it and send to President Trump. It’s time for #FullRepeal

Click to Tweet: Heritage Action’s statement calling for transparency in the #RepealObamacare process

Click to Tweet: We want a transparent process. Release language and allow the American people to see the #RepealObamacare plan and judge for themselves

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME allow the CBO to score the Obamacare replacement plans so the American people can fairly judge the repeal plans

Click to Tweet: @MEMBERNAME Do you want to risk your constituents losing faith in you? Americans believe if Congress waits, #RepealObamcare is less likely

Click to Tweet: It’s simple: 
  1. Repeal Obamacare
  2. Put patients first in a replacement package
  3. Get back to work!

On desktop: Download these graphics and then drag and drop into your twitter message
On mobile: Save to to your camera roll and add tweet through the twitter app.

See Action Plan for the next two weeks. 


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