If You Can’t Be on the FreedomWorks Bus to D.C., Tweet With Us and Call Congress



If you're not on the Freedomworks bus to D.C., join the Tweet Fest 
Wednesday, March 15th from 11AM to 1PM.  We will be Tweeting on the bus!


Our Tweet Fest on March 2 for #FullRepeal trended on Twitter.  Let's do it again!  


Easy way:  Go to Twitter.  Then go to @AshevilleTeaPty page.  
 Click on the Re-Tweet button located at the bottom of the Tweet.  
 It will turn green.  And then go on to the next Tweet, and Re-Tweet.
Re-Tweet our tweets:   #FullRepeal #Repeat2015Repeal #DayofAction #StormCongress. 
Legislators read their social media!  That's how we get our message across!  


President @realDonaldTrump promised #FullRepeal of Obamacare.  WE gave the #GOP the House, Senate, and now the #POTUS President to fulfill that promise.  They're breaking that promise.  Congress passed the 2015 Repeal Obamacare bill sixteen months ago knowing Obama would veto it.  It was obviously a show vote.  We need to continue to pressure them to pass the bill again and get it to President Trump.  #Repeat2015Repeal


 This week is crucial to make sure that  @SpeakerRyan and his #RINO sell outs do not have the votes to pass his #RepublicanWelfare  (#NoAHCA) replacement plan which is no better than #Obamacare.  #FullRepeal     #Obamacare      #NoAHCA


Tweet, post on Facebook The FreedomCaucus @FreedomCaucus and the Republican Study Committee @RepublicanStudy.  Tell them to stand strong.  
When you're done, see the Action Plan to continue putting pressure on them.  


See here and here for latest updates.


Don't forget a A very speacial Thank You to @RepMarkMeadows, @Jim_Jordan, @RepDaveBrat, @TedCruz, @RandPaul, @SenMikeLee for being steadfast and not caving to the tactics of the shameful #GOP establishment.  


#FullRepeal     #Obamacare      #NoAHCA

(Reminder:  No Tea Time Thursday, March 16th.  Resumes Thursday, March 23rd.  Look for newsletter updates and website posts.)  
Please complete Day of Action Plan throughout the next week.   
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