ATP Vindicated! Judicial Watch Gives Buncombe BOE 90 Days To Clean Up Voter Rolls or Get Sued

Judicial Watch is giving 15 North Carolina Counties 90 days to clean up the their voter rolls or they will sue.  Buncombe County is at the top of the list!  ATP was the first grassroots group to challenge the Board of Elections for 'bloated' voter rolls and we challenged Buncombe BOE not once, but twice thanks to the assistance of Jay Delancy and The Voter Integrity Project.  We were called every name in the book by left wing loons and disparaged by the  Buncomb BOE board - including one Republican along with 2 Dems.  What say ye now! 

Seems they are in violation of Section 8 of the (NVRA) National Voter Registration Act, 52 U.S.C. 20507.  The fifteen (15) counties named have more total registered voters than adult citizens over the age of 18 living in that county as calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau's 2011-2015 American Community Survey and the November 2014 and the November 2016 North Carolina total voter registration records.  " ... North Carolina is failing to comply with the voter regisration maintenance requirements of Section 8 NVRA. ..."  The following counties were listed:


Buncombe (registration rate 101%)

Camden (100%

Chatham (101%)

Cherokee (100%)

Clay (106%)

Dare (107%)

Durham (111%)

Guilford (101%

Madison (100%)

Mecklenburg (108%)

New Hanover (101%)

Orange (111%)

Union (106%)

Watauga (105%)

Yancey (104%)


The letter goes on to state on page 2 that "The situation in North Carolna, has, if anything, gotten worse since the publication of that report."   (above figures) The trend has either stayed constant or increased.  Making it worse yet, "14 of the 15 counties still have more total voter registrants than citizens eligible to vote, even accounting for the U.S. Census margin of error." (But, don't be ridiculous.  There is no voter fraud!


Listen to the Pete Kaliner Show podcast from Friday 4/21/2017 on this issue.  Our very own Jay Delancy from Voter Integrity Project weighed in too.  

Part of their discussion included  "An investigation by the N.C. Board of Elections has found that 508 voters who cast ballots last November weren't eligible to vote - and the vast majority of them were felons serving active sentences." (4/21/2017: The News & Observer)



 History of Asheville Tea Party's Challenges to the Buncombe Board of Elections to clean up the voter rolls over the past 3 years


The Free Republic: 3/15/2014:  Grassroots Volunteers Challenge 180 Missing Voters in North Carolina


USA Today: 3/23/2014:  Buncombe To Hear Asheville Tea Party Voter Challenge


Tribune:  3/23/2014:  Local Voter Registration Challenge Draws National Attention 


USA Today: 3/27/2014: League of Women Voters Says Tea Party Challenges Focused on City Precincts (2016 Judicial Watch action totally vindicates our challenges) 



Asheville Daily Planet: 4/2/2014: Election Officials Move Forward With 95 Voter Challenges 


AC-T:  4/10/2014:  Voters Removed From the Buncombe Voter Roll (90 some inactive voters removed) 


CNN politics: 6/8/2014:  Vigilante or Vindicator?  One Man's Bid to Root Out Voter Fraud


AC-T: 12/10/2014:  Asheville Tea Party To Challenge Voter Registrations


ATP: 1/7/2015: Buncombe Board of Elections Prelim Hearing of ATPs 257 Voter Registration Challenges, Thurs Jan 8th, 5:30 PM


ATP:  1/22/2015: ATP's Final Voter Registration Challenges Final Hearing on January 22, 2015


USA Today: 1/23/2015 Voter Registrations Struck After Tea Party Challenge


AC-T 1/23/2015: 126 Removed from Voter Rolls (archived) 


The whiners:  WNC Times: 1/24/2015:  126 Voter Registrations Cut on Thursday.  Approx 128 Prior to Meeting (that should have been also removed by our challenges.  In hindsight, we should not have agreed to the prior removal. BOE knew we had it right.)  

We were getting ready to do it again, but  Judicial Watch is doing it for us!  Thank You!  


 Won't you help us to continue the fight? 


It took over $2,000 of your donations, some very brave people. and much time, effort, and energy to challenge the Buncombe BOE.  Essentially, we did the job Buncombe BOE should have done with your tax payer dollars!  In addition, we then used our model to assist other grassroots groups across NC to successfully do the same in their counties.   


We take no salaries.  We pay for our website.  We purchase educational materials to share with you, challenge the powers that be on illegal immigration and unvetted refugees, our 2A rights, repealing of HB2 to name some recent.  In February, we brought Clarence Henderson and CL Bryant to WNC Cullowhee and Balfour Education Center.  We support Patriot Camp, veterans organizations like Samaritan's Purse, Operation Gratitude, and Wreaths Across America.  


Coming Constitution Week, September 18 - 22, 2017  - The Black Robed Regiment Presentation. 

 We are going to need at least 2 to 3 auditorium type venues here in Henderson and Buncombe.  It is an awesome live event whose goal is to motivate pastors and their followers to emulate Revolutionary War clergy to stand up to the tyranny of today.  We are partnering with Dr Dan's Freedom Forum and The Sons of Liberty Riders who are working to bring this event to Cherokee County and Polk, and assisting in bringing this to our neighborhood.


  We are going to need your support to make this happen.  More details to follow. 


Our motivation:  We love our country and we want to take it back. 


Asheville Tea Party, Inc is a 501C4 non-profit.  A donation of as little $5.00 a month gets us through the year with all we need to do to support causes that advance preserve our liberties and restore our beloved Republic. 


You can send checks to Asheville Tea Party, c/o J. Bilello, 218 Vincent Place, Hendersonville, NC 28719.  Or in person on Thursdays at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Rd., Arden.  


(Asheville Tea PAC and Asheville Tea PAC FEC are separate organizations that allow us to support candidates, like Congressman Mark Meadows, NC Rep Cody Henson 113, Sheriff Charles McDonald who have demonstrated in word and deed they adhere to constitutional authority.  Your support allows us to combat progressive socialists in both parties. You can support us with  Aggravate a Liberal with our Rugers LC9S Raffle and our We The People Tees and More)

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