GOP Tax Reform Plan Information

 11/3/2017 For up to date info on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, please click here. 

11/6/2016 Much will be happening in the coming weeks on #taxreform in both the House and the Senate.  Information will be updated as necessary.  

HR1 Repeal Death Tax video:

11/5/2017:  Rep Mark Meadows and Peter King on ABC News with different views of tax plan!

We will be seeking 3rd party validation of the CBO score from Heritage, FreedomWorks, and the Tax Foundation and other credible sources.  The CBO  cannot seem to estimate realistically.  

Also check our Twitter page and Retweet @AshevilleTeaPty.  Also check @Heritage_Action and @FreedomWorks and @taxfoundation

Don't Believe False Reports That Say Eliminating the SALT Deduction Would Cost The Average Taxpayer Tens of Thousands of Dollars

From 4:39 on SALT

Also see Heritage Action Call Notes for updates for in depth understanding of the principles upon which we are evaluating the tax reform bill. 

1.) lower and simplify the individual tax rate

2.) lower and simplify the corporate tax rate

3.) permit tax-free entrepreneurship (full expensing),

4.) tax profits only made in the U.S. (territorial system), and

5.) eliminate carve outs for special interests (including state and local tax deduction).



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