Celebrate Thanksgiving With Family and Friends With a Cultural Renewal Challenge


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Action Item - 5 min Cultural Renewal Challenge - Share One Pilgrim Principle With Others

"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its Patriotism, its Morality, and its Spiritual Life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within." Joseph Stalin    Don't believe it??  Look again ...

As you are aware, we are in the midst of a cultural implosion, where our national history is being twisted, perverted, and erased.  If we don't pass on our cultural heritage to the next generation, the principles we believe in will be lost.   www.ChristianCivicsTraining.org is designed to meet this challenge.Here is the CULTURAL RENEWAL CHALLENGE - I challenge you to sample 3 to 5 of these Pilgrim Videos below and share the ideas personally at Thanksgiving with family and friends or  copy some of the links and share via social media - Facebook, Web pages, Email Blast etc..  They CAN EVEN BE WATCHED ON SMART PHONES !!!.   Do your part, in renewing our Culture.
The Pilgrim Story The Pilgrim Keys


There are a set of principles that are so important that they wouldrevolutionize our society or any society that put them into practice.   These ancient keys are hidden from view and have been left dormant for over 100 years of civic life in the United States. ... and they are imbedded in stone statutes!

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Ann Eubank is a fellow Heritage Sentinel on the Wall of Honor.   Thank you Ann for Standing Up to the Swamp! This is what  we do to restore our Republic.  
The latest smear campaign by the Democrats, liberal media, and Establishment Republicans is damaging Judge Moore's support.

Several recent polls in Alabama's Senate special election even have Judge Moore trailing his liberal Democrat opponent.

Judge Moore is a principled, limited-government conservative.

He has a proven record of defending states' rights from overreaching Federal tyranny.

Twice, he was unjustly removed from his position as Chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court for doing so.

But the D.C. Swamp's media firestorm against Judge Moore is unlike almost anything I've seen in over three decades of fighting for Liberty.

They're desperate to sabotage his chance to join conservative hero Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate as an ally in the fight to Drain the Swamp.
Tax Reform
" The House passed its version of a tax reform bill last week and the Senate has advanced its own bill. Starting next week, when both chambers return from Thanksgiving break, debate will resume.  ... 
 A vote on the Senate bill is expected as soon as (this coming week) and then the long slog of working out the differences in the House and Senate versions in a conference committee will begin.
Call your Senators.  Repeal the Obamacare Mandate.  This is why we gave you the House, the Senate and the Presidency!  These two have failing conservative scores and need to be removed from office.  When you call their offices, remind them that they are failing us and repealing the Obamacare mandate is not just a GOP and conservative mandate, but a mandate from the American voters!  
Senator Richard Burr (R) ( 40%) :  202 224 3154  @SenatorBurr
Senator Thom Tillis (R)  (47%):  202 224 6342 @SenThomTillis
(ICYMI: Both of them have lower scores than the  #swamprat John McCain (49%)  
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#Swamp News
North Korea
  ...  It's about time somebody did!  
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Help us to continue to aggravate liberals and their failed progressive policies while supporting constitutional candidates and sending a message to the gun grabbers.   

"The right to bear arms shall not be "infringed.
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