Sheriff McDonald Was Not Involved In ICE Arrests

Submitted by JoAnn Thomas

Sheriff McDonald’s Agency Was Not Involved In I.C.E. Arrests


Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) made arrests last week in North Carolina of people convicted of a criminal offense beyond their illegal status which included about 15 in Western North Carolina.  No local law enforcement agencies were directly involved said ICE spokesman, Bryan Cox.

Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald issued a statement that his agency had not participated in the recent ICE operations.  Yet, Asheville Attorney George Pappas accused Sheriff McDonald of hiding behind fences of federal vs. local enforcement operations.  This was a cheap shot to undermine Sheriff McDonald’s re-election campaign in the midst of the primary election.


Mr. Cox stated that any suggestion as to ICE engaging in random or indiscriminate enforcement is categorically false.  Their arrests apply to people that have been arrested by local enforcement on criminal charges.  Also, they all have access to legal counsel.  He said the Homeland Security Investigation division investigates a multitude of federal crimes that involve cross-border criminal activity that include weapons trafficking, human trafficking, drug smuggling, child pornography and more.


JoAnne Thomas