And what have the Republicans done for (or rather “to”) gun owners in the 2017-2018 session of the General Assembly?

Gun Rights Supporters:
As I write this, the North Carolina Republican Party is busy planning its “Gala” for the Second Amendment in Hickory.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that you aren’t invited … at least not to anything that actually advances gun rights.
Sure, they will take your money for the privilege of rubbing elbows at their “gala.” But for even asking them to actually do anything of benefit to the Second Amendment, rest assured they consider YOU the cretin.
Yes, in a grand display of irony, the RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”) of the Grand Old Party are celebrating their support for gun rights they have done little or nothing to advance for this entire session of the General Assembly.

And what have the Republicans done for (or rather “to”)
gun owners in the 2017-2018 session of the General Assembly?

  • Failed to pass HB 746 to expand concealed carry: After much gnashing of teeth (including weakening amendments and no fewer than 8 Republicans voting against the final bill), the NC House finally spit out HB 746, only to have the NC Senate sit on it until dead, with leadership refusing to give it a hearing. Oh, but fear not: In a vapid pre-written response to complaining voters, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger assures us he “supports” the Second Amendment (while neglecting to mention that he is denying HB 746 a hearing, of course).
  • Refused a hearing for HB 1039 to arm teachers: Prior to the highly successful press conference held by GRNC and sponsors Rep. Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus, GRNC ****) and Michael Speciale (R-Beaufort, Craven, Pamlico, ***) to announce the introduction of GRNC’s bill to deter school shootings by arming selected volunteer faculty members, Speaker Tim Moore made it abundantly clear the bill would die for lack of a hearing.
  • Vowed “no action” in 2018 session: Yes, on Facebook GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse, a leader of the party holding its “Gala” for the Second Amendment, told people in no uncertain terms that gun bills would not get hearings in the 2018 session.

Immediate action required!

I need you to IMMEDIATELY do 4 things:
1. Call AND email Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger: Tell him that his vapid claim of “support” for the Second Amendment means nothing to you until he gives a hearing to HB 746. Contact Berger at (919) 733-5708 and
2. Call AND email Speaker Tim Moore: Tell him the GOP’s “gala” is little more than pablum designed to placate gun rights supporters for whom Republicans have done little or nothing in the 2018 session. Tell him to show support by giving HB 1039 a hearing. Contact Moore at 919-733-3451 and
3. Call AND email GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse: Let him know that you will consider his phony gesture to “celebrate” the Second Amendment meaningless until such time as Republicans step up the plate for the gun owners who elected them. Moreover, tell himany donations you had contemplated for Republicans will go instead to the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund to further its effort to elect REAL gun rights supporters. Contact Woodhouse at 919-828-6423 and
4. Donate to GRNC-PVF: The GRNC Political Victory Fund is our federally registered political action committee by which we elect or defeat candidates. We are restricted by law from using organizational funds to impact elections, meaning we much raise money separately for GRNCF-PVF. Rather than donating to RINOs who pay lip service to gun rights, donate to GRNC-PVF to elect REAL pro-gun candidates! Donate to GRNC-PVF by going to:
The real thing versus the poseurs

When it comes to defending gun rights, there are those who have been dedicated to that mission for nearly 25 years, such as Grass Roots North Carolina...
...and there are poseurs. In the unlikely event you haven’t figured it out, the poseurs are the ones holding “galas” to siphon money out of your pockets while not actually doing anything.
Show the poseurs that you want real action by donating to the all-volunteer organization which promises to put your money to use more efficiently than anybody else in defending your rights: Donate to the Grass Roots North Carolina political victory fund by going
Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International

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