Tea Time Thursday, 9/20/18 ay 6PM at IHOP. Decision on November Candidate Slate. Draw for Glock.

Tea Time This Thursday, 9/20 at IHOP at 6PM 229 Airport Road, Arden.  

Working Meeting:  

Important dates coming up.  

  • HCGOP has a Get Out the Vote Drive.  See here for info and to volunteer. 
  • Also, candidates need help in Buncombe. Contact info from websites here.
  • 9/27 Tea Time cancelled at Mills River.  We will be coming back from the DC bus trip. 
  • Update on  We Read The Constitution Event re-scheduled for 10/13/18 at Jackson Park.  

    Also, please sign up for the complimentary FreedomWorks buses to DC on Wednesday, Sept 26th. Want the Wall?  Want repeal of Obamacare? How about no amnesty, de-funding Planned Parenthood??  Trump agenda -WE THE PEOPLE - is thwarted by Ryan, McCarthy, and the swamp RINO's who are paid off by their special interests - Chamber of Commerce. Business Round Table, and the Koch Brothers for starters.  Join us!  
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