Tea. Time Cancelled 10/4. DC Rally Picts. #ConfirmKavanaugh. AR-15 Tickets.

Tea Time Cancelled Thursday, 10/4/16 at 6PM at  IHOP, 229 Airport Rd., Arden.  Sorry, but I have to be out of town.  Unforeseen circumstances.  We will resume next Thursday, 10/11 at IHOP.  
Thanks to all of you who came to the Henderson County Commissioners Meetinglast night, Monday, 10/1 to see our Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald receive the Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award from the Governor for outstanding public service. It took Commissioner Mike Edney five minutes to read Sheriff McDonald's resume and the list of incredible accomplishments in his six years of service to Henderson County that put the county at #1.  He received two well deserved standing ovations from a packed house full of supporters.  See article here.
Saturday and Sunday, October 6 & 7:  Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show this weekend at the Ag Center.  Available: AR tickets, MAGA hats, November ballots, more.   
Saturday, October 13th: Hurricane Florence forced the re-scheduling of the We Read The Constitution Event to 10/13/18 at Jackson Park, 11AM - 2PM. Our newest guest to add to our day is Lady Liberty and Justice!  Don't miss her, the GOP Elephant and ShBoom!  Please bring friends. Free event.  Congressman Mark Meadows, NC Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson and 17 other candidates will be there including judges.  Free gifts for families with kids. Directions to Jackson Park here.

Wait until you see the photos of the Rally for Republic.  Thank you Bob Coffey, photographer extraordinaire!  
 Click on the DropBox link here to down load the PDF file onto your computer. Then open it and you will be prompted to allow it to show full screen. It will then run automatically through all forty slides in just under 3 minutes.


The only way we lose this Republic is if you stay home  Grab 4 friends and Go Vote!  


Judges and the Six Amendments, including Voter ID MUST be passed in November!  Get out and vote and bring friends!  
Please counter the Left and post and share your support on Facebook for NC Voter ID and on NC Senator Chuck Edwards page for the Six Amendments. 


This says it all ...   


Action Alert
According to news reports as many as 7 GOP senators are non-committal in their support for Judge Kavanaugh: Susan Collins (R-ME); Bob Corker (R-TN), Mike Enzi (R-WY), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Jerry Moran (R-KA), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Other news reports indicate some senators, including Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ), are issuing a wait and see approach to Kavanaugh following the hearing.

Contact your U.S. Senators now. Strongly urge them not to cave to radical leftist political pressure and vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Facts, Not Fake!

 Daily Signal:  Why another FBI investigation is pointless

The Federalist:  Sex-Crimes Prosecutor Details 12 Massive Inconsistencies In Kavanaugh Accuser's Story

Dan Bongino (Video)  "What's going on out there is an absolute ground-swell of support for #Kavanaugh from people who feel his character's been wrongly maligned." -  

Tina Turner Retweeted  
Chanting it, won’t make it so. It doesn’t matter how many “Believe Christine”. Facts matter, witnesses matter, evidence matters, and Christine has none. “Credibly accused” is not equivalent to guilt. #ConfirmJudgeKavanaugh#IStandWithBrett
 1 ticket for $10.00
3 tickets for $25
See here for details and tickets


MAGA hats are now available.  Donation $15.00.  Available at Tea Time or make arrangements with Jane.  828 692 3117 or email Jane@AshevilleTeaParty.org
WE THE PEOPLE ... WE'RE BACK ....  Tees and More!
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