Election Results. We have Voter ID FINALLY! Blue Wave Ran Into Trump’s Red Wall!

Good and Bad News: Local, State and National 
 Local and State Results
 We have Voter ID!  FINALLY!! It's now up to the legislature to determine what is acceptable ID.  We will be involved!  NC election results: Voters pass voter ID requirement, victims' rights; reject power plays
Buncombe Results:  Thank you to all of the great volunteers who manned the polls -  heavy lift to get so many early voting sites and election day precincts.  Unfortunately, even though Buncombe turnout for GOP was substantially more than previous mid terms, it was not enough to get our GOP candidates over the finish line. Sad state of affairs for a county run by corrupt progressives who are robbing their taxpayers blind.  Robert Pressley (R) retained his Commissioner seat but unfortunately, Glenda Weinert, a great fiscal conservative, did not succeed in unseating her opponent.  Buncombe now has a left wing lunatic for a Sheriff who wants your semi-autos and thinks the police are social workers, and won't sign a 287G for ICE.  This is clearly a disaster for Buncombe.   Developing: Asheville Police Chief Tammy Hooper resigns.
Henderson Results:  Henderson County, heavily leaning Republican, had a great night for all of its candidates. 100% wins.  Every vote in Henderson assured the victory for Mark Meadows and Chuck Edwards to overcome the Buncombe progressive votes against them.  Thank you to all for volunteering to get this done and for coming to celebrate last night at the Mountain Inn.  
Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Race Results.  Progressive strategy of setting up stalking horse candidate to take votes away from the GOP candidate obviously worked.  Very sad that we lost Barbara Jackson (R) and proven constitutionalist.  Anita Earls (D) won the NC Supreme Court race giving the NC Supreme Court a 5-2 Dimm majority.  Anglin was a Dimm until he changed his party affiliation to R just before the deadline to switch to run for NC Supreme Court.  The combined votes for Barbara Jackson (R) and Anglin (fake R) was greater than the votes Earls received.  (So why didn't the NCGOP slam NC with ads informing the voters?)  
GOP Court of Appeals candidates also did not prevail.  Troubling, NC is now faced with a majority of progressives in our courts which means we look forward to judicial activism.  See here for yourself.
Transylvania County had a good night too!  See here

NC Election Results All Counties 
Raleigh:  GOP retained control of both houses but Democrats break super majority in NC house.
National Election Results
The big take away:  US Senate gains GOP seats. #RememberKavanaugh ... Joe Manchin (D-VA) was the only Dimm to vote for Kavanaugh and he survived.  Testament to supporting #POTUS and the Tump Agenda! 
Dimms now control US House  Why?  Looks like Rs who did not support President Trump, lost. One more nail in Paul Ryan's failed record. 
Daily Signal:  So Much for a Blue Wave - 4 of the Biggest Midterm Takeaways
Breitbart News:  Republican Party is clearly Trump's GOP.  This is truly a big victory for President Trump! 
Federal:  NC Congressional Results.  The NC Republican delegation picked up one more congressional seat with Mark Harris' win in NC9.  In addition, all of the Republican incumbents and candidates we supported - Ted Budd NC13,  George Holding NC2, Mark Meadows NC11, won the election along with Republicans Walter Jones, Virginia Foxx, David Rouzer, Richard Hudson, and Patrick McHenry. 

The Hill: Jim Jordan Challenges Kevin McCarthy for House Leadership 

More From Around the Nation 
Florida was a national race of Marxism vs Conservative values @realDonaldTrump endorsed the winner and brought both Rick Scott (U.S. Senate, and Ron DeSantis (governor) across the finish line - BIG WIN!
Georgia Gov:  Mike Kemp (R) 53% defeats left loon Stacey Abrams (D) 46%.  Congrats Georgia!  Hard fought by our greatest activists!  
In Tennessee, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (54.7%) soundly defeated former Governor Phil Bredesen (43.9%). Despite being behind in the polls for most of the race, she held strong and won an important victory for conservatives.

In Indiana, businessman Mike Braun (52.9%) defeated incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly (43.2%). Braun is an outsider who will bring his real-world experience to Washington to help drain the swamp!

In Missouri, State Attorney General Josh Hawley (51.5%) defeated incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (45.5%) in one of the closest races in the country. Hawley is a smart, young leader who will fight for our principles and values in Washington.
 @SeanHannity:  MOST in the media are absolutely clueless. Tonight was a massive win for Donald J. Trump and the people he campaigned for. Remember between the House & Senate,  Obama lost 69 seats, Clinton lost 60 seats. The democrats winning the house is meaningless.  Stay tuned for my analysis on radio & TV. Great night.
US Races Too Close To Call (as of this writing)
In Montana, State Auditor Matt Rosendale (48.8%) currently leads incumbent Senator Jon Tester (48.3%) with 95% of precincts reporting. Judging by the outstanding areas, it will be very close.
AZ Senate: Martha McSally (R) 49.3% to Kyrsten Siena (D) 48.4%
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