Call for New GOP Leadership




November 8, 2018


President Donald J. Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington, D.C. 20500



Dear Mr. President:


The current Republican congressional leadership has failed the American people. While you have kept your promises, the establishment GOP leaders have been a drag on your agenda.


We write to encourage you NOT to prematurely endorse Kevin McCarthy for Minority Leader, and to instead consider an endorsement of a better fighter and advocate for you and for us, Jim Jordan.


The current congressional leadership failed to fund your border wall, repeal Obamacare, and defund Planned Parenthood. These were major campaign promises that motivated your base in 2016.They forced you to sign a bad spending bill that once again increased spending and went against everything you campaigned on. They failed to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for destroying evidence and lying to Congress about the IRS’s targeting of conservatives. They failed to seek accountability for what happened in Benghazi. They did nothing about the censorship of conservatives on social media and on college campuses. They worked against you far too often, and were far too timid, passive, and accommodating to the Democrats, who have proven they will stop at nothing to destroy your agenda and your Presidency. On the other hand, Jim Jordan has never been timid, passive, or accommodating to Democrats. We lost the House in this critical midterm election because congressional Republicans failed to keep their promises. Despite a time of peace, prosperity, and Republican control of the House and Senate, GOP leaders failed to deliver on nearly every major campaign commitment. Their performance is unacceptable. While your tremendous efforts to nationalize the election pulled some Republicans over the finish line on Tuesday, our base wasn’t sufficiently motivated to show up for a Republican Party that did not do what it said it would do. 

With Democrats soon to be in power, your agenda and your Presidency will be constantly under attack.


The left will know no bounds as they fight to stop you and end your Presidency at every turn. In a few short weeks, Democrats will control the House, and every committee will be led by someone who fiercely opposes you. We need to put up a fight against what the left is about to do, and we need someone bold to lead it. The Minority Leader should play a critical role in contesting the Democrats’ tactics and encouraging fights in committees. Jim Jordan exceedingly outpaces Kevin McCarthy in both of these areas. He is effective on TV and has a unique ability to connect with and energize your base because of his relationships with grassroots leaders across the country. Our country cannot afford more losses. The American people deserve strong, principled, courageous conservative leadership to lead the fight against the vicious, appalling leftist tactics that will soon be on fuller display.


As your allies, we urge you to support bold, courageous new leadership for the GOP — new leadership that will have your back and fight for your agenda.


We urge you to support a clean slate of Republican leadership, including Congressman Jim Jordan.


Thank you for your transformational leadership of this nation and for keeping your promises. We look forward to working with you as you continue to make America great again.




(Affiliations for identification purposes only)



Hon. Ken Cuccinelli II                                       Cleta Mitchell

President                                                                      Partner

Senate Conservatives Fund                                      Foley & Lardner LLP


Richard A. Viguerie                                                    Jenny Beth Martin

Chairman                                                                                Chairman and                      Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund


Eunie Smith                                                                 Tim Macy

President                                                                              Chairman

Eagle Forum                                                                        Gun Owners of America


Hon. J. Kenneth Blackwell                                          Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.)

Distinguished Fellow                                                               Executive Vice President

American Civil Rights Union                                                Family Research Council


Ginni Thomas                                                             Anne Schlafly Cori

President                                                                            Chairman

Liberty Consulting                                                              Eagle Forum


Frank J. Gaffney                                                        Alfred S. Regnery

President and CEO                                                            Chairman

Center for Security Policy                                             Conservative Action Project


Eric Metaxas                                                              The Hon Mica Mosbacher

The Eric Metaxas Show                                                    Mosbacher Interests


Timothy Daughtry, Ph.D.                                           Sandy Rios

Author                                                                                     Dir of Governmental Affairs

Daughtry & Company                                                           American Family Association


Rebecca Hagelin                                                         J. Christian Adams

Secretary                                                                                President

Council for National Policy                                               Public Interest Legal Foundation


Maria Zack                                                                 Becky Gerritson

President                                                                           Founder & President

Nations in Action                                                              Wetumpka TEA Party (AL)


Rick Manning                                                             Donna Hearne

President                                                                           Radio Talk Show Host BRN

Americans for Limited Government

William R. Collier Jr                                          Hon. George K. Rasley, Jr

President                                                                      Managing Editor

The American Freedomist                              


David Kubal                                                                John Stover

President/CEO                                                                 President

Intercessors for America                                               Ohio Value Voters, Inc.


Elaine Donnelly                                                           Robert K. Fischer

President                                                                              Meeting Coordinator

Center for Military Readiness                                        Conservatives of Faith


Matthew Tyrmand                                                      Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D.

Principal                                                                                  Senior Fellow

Matthew Tyrmand  LLC                                                         Americans for Intelligence Reform


Rolfe L. Carawan Jr.                                                  Amapola Hansberger

President                                                                              President

Life Matters International                                              Legal Immigrants for America


Deborah Weiss, Esq                                                    James Hansberger

Senior Fellow                                                                         Chairman

Center for Security Policy                                                     Legal Immigrants for America


Marcia Taylor                                                            Lee A. Beaman

CEO                                                                                       CEO

Bennett Int. Group                                                             Beaman Automotive Group


Bob Adams                                                                  Kelly Monroe Kullberg

President                                                                              President

Revive America PAC                                                         American Association of Evangelicals


Philip B. Haney                                                           Rachel Alexander                                          

DHS Founding Member                                                      Journalist, Senior Editor with The Stream

CBP Officer (Retired)                                                             Townhall contributor


Sue Trombino                                                             Stephanie Coleman

President & Founder                                                        Executive Director

Women Impacting the Nation                                        Liberty Action Network


Jackie Siciliano                                                           Tim LeFever

Councilwoman                                                                    Chairman

Borough of Surf City NJ                                                   Capitol Resource Institute


James Simpson                                                            Peggy Dau

Author, Investigative Journalist                                     Iran Alive Ministries


Ralph Hudgens                                                           Sheryl Kaufman

Insurance Commissioner of Georgia                              Retired Corporate Executive

Jack Sarfatti                                                               Jessie Jane Duff

Ph.D. (physicist, sci-tech intelligence)                            Gunnery Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps (ret)

Internet Science Education Project                                 Sr Fellow London Center for Policy Research


  1. Col. Kenneth Benway US ArmyRetired Elizabeth Yore

Co-Founder                                                                  Attorney

Special Operations Speaks                                           Yore Children


Ron Pearson                                                               Jeremy Cerone

Executive Director                                                             CEO

Conservative Victory Fund                                           Elite Safe Inc.


Aubrey Shines                                                             Mark Fitzgibbons

Bishop                                                                                   President of Corporate Affairs

G2G Ministries                                                                      American Target Advertising, Inc.


The Honorable Diana Denman                                   James Dau     

President                                                                                       CEO

The Reagan Legacy Forum                                                      Iran Alive Ministries    


  1. Michael Waller Andresen Blom

Vice President                                                              President

Center for Security Policy                                             Hawaiian Values                     


Mary Fanning

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