Senator Rabon Berates One of Our Own for Holding Him Accountable To Passing Permitless Constitutional Carry HB746

Below you will find an email sent to NC Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger urging him to pass Permitless Constitutional Carry while the legislature still have veto proof power over the Dimm Witt Governor.  The clock is ticking.  As of January, there will be no more veto proof majority.  

Senator Berger and Senate Rules Committee Chair, Senator Bill Rabon, didn’t deliver. They decided not to shepherd this excellent pro-gun bill through the NC Senate (it has already passed the NC House).

Then, one of our sister activists, Sue Butcher of Liberty First in the triangle area, went to Raleigh today, 11/28/18, and was treated quite badly by Senator Rabon.  There will be more to come of this.   Grassroots North Carolina intends to make a 'national stink' about this so stand by. WE will stand with GRNC!  

In the mean time, please call and email Sen Pro Tem Phil Berger ( and Senator Rabon ( and urge them to pass HB746 while they still can!  See here for more info from GRNC. 

The only politicians who can stop HB-746 are NC Senate Republicans!  

More info on permitless carry across the US that is catching on see here.



 Pass HB-746 While You Still Can 

11/28/2018 Email to Senator Pro Tem Berger

Dear Senator Berger. 

I represent 1400 in our organization - Asheville Tea Party.  We are urging the Senate Republicans to pass HB 746, Permitless Carry, while you still have the veto proof majority which will come from the spineless governor.    The clock is ticking.  We are watching.  No more excuses.  

In the recent past, senate leadership disappointed voters on this bill, and on gun rights in general. However, you and other leaders now have a golden opportunity to make up for this past disappointment and stand for gun rights. At this point, there is nothing to lose, and any perceived impediments to making HB-746 the law in our state are just that: perceived—but not real. 

Of course, the clock is ticking on the Republican supermajorities, so please act now, pass HB-746, and override the Governor’s likely veto. 

I will be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.   


Jane Bilello

Chair, Asheville Tea Party

828 692 3117

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