#SwampRats Pass Bloated Welfare Farm Bill. Tell @realDonaldTrump To Veto.



Please call/email President Trump and tell him to Veto the Farm Bill.  See below for message. 

On Tuesday, the bloated Farm Bill conference report passed in the Senate 87-13 and on Wednesday it has passed in the House. This is a bad bill that completely ignores opportunities to advance conservative principles that would have had lasting beneficial impacts on all Americans. This bill:

  • Lacks work requirements for able-bodied adults that are on the SNAP program. 

    Work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents that are on the SNAP program (i.e., receiving food stamps). These well-designed work requirements for food stamp recipients are essential to reduce poverty, government dependence and to improve our labor force

  • Lacks opportunities to reduce farm subsidies.

  • Lacks Senator Grassley’s “active engagement” amendment to curtail subsidy abuse.

Senator Grassley’s “active engagement” amendment which would have curtailed abuse of the farm subsidy program by closing loopholes that allow family members of farm owners, including first cousins, nieces and nephews (who have never even stepped foot on the farm) to receive the subsidies.

  • Lacks a provision to repeal Obama’s EPA WOTUS rule.

We thank those who fought for reforms to the SNAP and farm subsidy programs and made a principled vote AGAINST this Farm Bill.

13 Senators and 47 Congressman did the right thing and voted “No.” You can see the exact member by member breakdown on our scorecard. Click here for senators and here for congressmen.

If your congressman or either of your senators voted against the farm bill, I’d ask that you take a quick moment today and call their office to thank them for it! Or retweet the two thank you graphics we put out on Twitter here and here.

Thank you,

Jessica Anderson
Vice President
Heritage Action

Today’s immigration:
The UN Global Migration Pact is the body's latest push for open borders. More migrants, government benefits for illegal immigrants, and a state push for pro-migrant propaganda. What could go wrong?


Today’s warning:
“Up to 2,500 serious drug traffickers are going to be released almost immediately within weeks or months of this bill passing,” warned Senator Tom Cotton of the current provisions of the Senate’s prison reform bill. “It is an almost mathematical certainty that someone is going to commit a heinous crime if this bill passes.”

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