Thank YOU! House Passes Wall Funding! Will Senate Pass It Next?


House Passes Spending Bill with Wall Funding


On Wednesday afternoon, I was privileged to be on a conference call with Congressman Jim Jordan through Nations in Action.  He thanked us for our support and invaluable activism that is keeping conservative principles and values alive and center stage... vital to restore our Republic.  He encouraged us to continue making those phone calls, having meetings with representatives, Tweeting and posting on social media because it makes a big difference.  


We have done just that.  It has been a spectacular day!  Your phone calls, emails, and Tweets to President Trump and Congress worked again!  House Republicans passed a new spending bill,  including $5.7 billion for a border wall.  


 Rumors flew at the beginning of the day that Trump was caving ... there weren't enough votes in the House to get the funds.  Your activism worked and your voice was heard.  The #Swamp checks their social media accounts!  Phone lines become jammed and they get the message.  


Please thank our very own #RepMarkMeadows, @Jim_Jordan, and the @FreedomCaucus who #DidWhatTheySaid.  This was a very heavy lift.  In addition, we had defeated Congressman MIA. 66 votes were on the line.  We had to get 'em back for this vote.  And that's what our fellow Patriots across our state and the country did.  The House had the votes today!  


Rep Mark Meadows R-NC11  @RepMarkMeadows(202)  225 6401 


Rep Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan (R-OH4) (202) 225-2676


Please thank President Trump for putting #RINO Ryan and McCarthy on notice this AM that he wasn't going to sign a bill without funding for The Wall.  


#POTUS has vowed never to sign another stop gap funding measures again and to kick the can down the road (as he did in March) without money for The Wall.  The Lesson:  Can't trust RINOs  establishment #Swamp.  Let's hope it's not too late to get this done in the Senate.  


Tweet @realDonaldTrump.  Call or write here.


of Retweet  on @AshevilleTeaPty


Tomorrow, Friday, the bill now has to go to the Senate where 60 votes is needed to pass.  Will it?  


Please Call Senator Richard Burr and Senator Thom Tillis and make sure they are committed to vote YES on the House Stop-Gap Bill with Border Wall Funding.  


Senator Thom Tillis R-NC  @SenThomTillis (202) 224 6342


Senator Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr (202) 224 3154


Not in NC?  Find your Senator here.



Call/Tweet to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell #DoYourJob #FundTheWall. Whip the Votes. 


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell @SenMajLeader (202) 224-2541 


The bill needs to reach President Trump's desk Friday night.  We don't have a lot of time.  Congress should stay in DC for as long as it takes.  #DoYourJob.


Likely scenario:  Up Chuck Schumer is warning that the bill will not get through the Senate (Senate needs at least 10 Dimm votes).  We are probably headed for a government shutdown which is no big deal.  Remember  75% of the government is funded already deep into 2019 including the military. This will be a partial shutdown.  President Trump is holding firm." ... for our country,  for our safety of our community. ..."    So should we!  



"If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its most experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."  Samuel Adams, 1776. 


You're it!!


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