Field Director for Harris Congressional Fight at Tea Time 6PM Thurs 1/31 at Mills River Restaurant. Shutdown Showdown Hiatus. NY Legalizes & Celebrates Murdering Infants. More …


Next Tea Time in Mills River, Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 6PM, Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC 28759. Special Guest Speaker:  Jake Johnson, Chairman, Polk County Board of Commissioners and Field Director, Committee To Elect Mark Harris (District 9 Congressional seat fight that is national news.


Upcoming February Events that ATP is participating and hope you will too! 

AR-15 raffle tickets available

Tickets for Chris Gaubatz event Feb 12th and 13th

Dinner reservations with Chris Gaubatz on Wednesday, 2/13 after the venue in HVL 

Presidents Day Event with Mark Keith Robinson, Tues Feb 19th

We Read The Constitution Day location and participants thus far

Social Media class with FreedomWorks 4/25.  By invitation only.  Fiind out how to get on the list!    

Action  To Take Between Now and Feb 15th!   Pressuring Dimms for Border Wall $$. 

 Special Guest Speaker:  Jake Johnson, Chairman, Polk County Board of Commissioners and Field Director, Committee To Elect Mark Harris (District 9 Congressional seat fight that is national news.




Come to meet a real hero, Chris Gaubatz

PLEASE JOIN US!  A real hero, undercover agent in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and featured in the book, Muslim Mafia, is coming to AshevilleandHendersonville.

Tuesday, February 12th at 7PM at the Skyland Fire Department in Skyland, and on Wednesday, February 13th at 1PM at the City Operations Building in Hendersonville, 

See link to find out how to reserve your seats and to get tickets.  Seating is limited.    Call Jane with questions:  209 986 3845.

After the Wednesday, 2/13  presentation in HVL:  We are going to The Loft Cafe and Pub for dinner with Chris.  If you want to go, contact Jane 209 986 3845 or to get on the dinner list.  

Presidents Day Event:  Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30PM, Columbus, NC:  Mark Keith Robinson, 2nd Amendment Champion,CEO of MajorityMattersUSA.  He's the guy who read the Greensboro City Council the riot act on gun control.  In case you need a refresher , here's the video  

Tickets $10.  Dick has set aside 10 tickets for ATP.  First come, first served!  Contact Dick and then tell Jane 828 692 3117. 

For tickets, please call Dick Shaughnessy 828.829 2543.  Mailing address:  Polk County Republican Party, P.O. Box 448 Columbus, NC 28722. 

Seating is limited. Purchase at the door if not sold out. Ticket availability updates.Go to this link
Complimentary refreshments and desserts will be served.  ATP attending!  


 Time:  Doors open at 6:30PM / Presentation starts at 7:00PM
followed by Q & A
Location:  Sarah Ernst Darnall Building
33 South Peak St, Columbus NC 28722

Update on We Read The Constitution Event, Sat Oct 12th at Fletcher Park. Inviting our endorsed candidates.   So far ... We have Mark Meadows coming and strong possibility of Dan Forest.  Mike LaPaglia, running for NC Sec of State is a definite.  We have others who will be contacted as we get closer.  The Henderson County GOP, Republican Women's and Men's Clubs are co-sponsoring again.  Shall we invite ShBoom again?  

Shutdown Hiatus, But It's Not Over!

Action To Take Between Now and Feb 15th!  Our strategy to pressure moderate Democrats in red-leaning districts has been working. Thank you! Click here to find out conservative priorities for border wall funding and who to call

Asheville News

You be the judge on this one ...  AC-T:  Hundreds head to Buncombe courthouse for fresh start on record-shattering Amnesty Day

In case you missed it ...WLOS this past summer:  From killings to rapes to thefts, Asheville's crime rate increases

So APDs answer???  Asheville police react to racial disparity: Training underway to reduce bias, use of force

Hendersonville News

Times News Henderson County leaders approve Hendersonville High plan

Please feel free to comment at the end of the article.  

Comment ... 

This is a "Waste of taxpayer money. This is the worst possible location for a high school sinking into the ground because it sits on top of a stream. It needs to be built where the kids are - in the county - and on a spacious lot. This is a decision based on illogical emotional hysterics driven by old alumni. Get over it! Our kids deserve better and this is an irresponsible use of our tax money. And, what about renovations to the other aging schools in our district that we are now spending an inordinate sum on one? Are they second class? Disgusted."  Jane Bilello

Harris Campaign:  National News: Disputed NC Congressional Race

Come to Tea Time 1/31 with Jake Johnson to get the inside info into the campaign and  current status and find out how we can help.  

Times News:  Letter: Congress may resolve disputed North Carolina election

Murdering Babies Gets OK in NY

Fox News:  The Democratic governor  Cuomo, directed the One World Trade Center and other landmarks to be lit in pink Tuesday to celebrate the passage of "Reproductive Health Act."

Townhall:  Thank you, New York!  

If that we're bad enough ...   Western Journal:  NY Passes Disturbing Pro- Illegal Immigration Act One Day After Cuomo Goes All In for Abortion " state financial aid to college students who are illegal immigrants. ..."

Human Coalition:  " ... If 3,000 kindergarteners were being slaughtered on playgrounds across America every day, would your response and mine be any different than to those 3,000 children being aborted each day in our country?  


Shutdown Showdown

National Review: Trump puts country before party. Feb 15th is the day!  " ...Should the committee fail to develop an acceptable border-security bill, Trump implied he would declare a national emergency and unilaterally reallocate military funds for the wall’s construction. ..."  Trump Agrees to Three-Week Spending Bill Without Wall Funding to End Shutdown.  

Heritage Foundation:  Trump Has Strong Legal Argument The He Can Declare National Emergency

Washington Times:  Rep. Mark Meadows backs Trump on shutdown resolution, says border wall battle will go on

Red State:  WATCH: Students Blame Trump For Shutdown, And Then They Get Properly Educated

Over the past 35 days, activists have gained strategic victories. By applying pressure on Democrats with your calls, emails, tweets, letters, and rallies, you have peeled moderate Democrats away from the fringe-left of their party and elicited public statements of support for increased border security and a border wall.

These next three weeks give us an opportunity to dial that pressure up to “11.” We need all Democrats to get serious about securing the border and follow with statements like these:  Read more here and take action

  The wall debate defines what makes us Americans.  HOW THE WALL BECAME AMERICA'S DIVIDING LINE

In Case you missed it ..  

In a move that surprised exactly no one, Romney voted in favor of a Democrat funding bill that excluded money for a border wall.

The other GOP defectors ,,, Remember these names:
- Senator Lamar Alexander
- Senator Susan Collins
- Senator Corey Gardner
- Senator Johnny Isakson
- Senator Lisa Murkowski
- Senator Mitt Romney

The Epoc Times:  Congressional Inaction on Border Protection Is Killing Americans

Mueller's FBI Gestapo Goons

Western Journal: FBI makes a grand show of Roger Stone raid; miraculously, CNN just happens to get the exclusive footage

The Danger of Fake News 

Nathan Phillips attacks 16 year old Covington High student and media reveres Phillips - with a long rap sheet. 

" ... Escape from prison. Assault. Multiple occasions of underage drinking. Driving without a license ... And he wasn’t a “recon ranger” in the Marines, as he claimed. He fixed refrigerators. ..."  Video here. 

Video:  Fallout for these students and high school

Jihad in US

Former radical Muslima Isik Abla lists and describes the 8 types of jihad currently being waged against Western countries in their campaign to rule the world under Islam.  Read them here:   The Democratic Party Of Jihad

Election Integrity?

Pj Media: Get Ready: California-Style Elections Are Coming to Your State

Consider what is happening in District 9 with the Mark Harris congressional race.  He is not seated and this issue seems not to be settled.  

The Federalist:  Nearly 58,000 Noncitizens Illegally Voted In Texas. More Nationwide?

Lies Liberals and Islamics Want Us To Believe  

Daily Signal:  The Smearing of Teens in MAGA Hats Shows Identity Politics’ Danger

Frontpage Mag: TEN TRUTHS ABOUT HIJAB "Diversity" should include Muslimas who rebel against the hijab.


Red State:  Barbasol Shaving Cream Cuts Down Gillette In New Commercial (Updated) You've got to see it!


                                                      Venezuela Ticking Time Bomb

Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolas Maduro, is facing pressure to resign after years of corrupt socialist rule that has impoverished his country. His opponent, backed by the United States and dozens of other countries, is now recognized as the new president. Ana Quintana, a senior policy analyst in Heritage’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, says the domestic and international pressure is gaining momentum and regional efforts against the Maduro regime are the result of partnerships developed by the Trump administration. “They have rallied a once-reluctant Latin America to hold Maduro’s feet to the fire,” says Quintana. Watch Quintana on Fox Business’ “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” and read Heritage's report on what U.S. policymakers must do.

Shedding Light on Drug Abuse

The Imprimis.  Hillsdale College:  Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence 

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