We Need Border Security. This Fight Is Not Over! Call Congress.


 Senators and congressmen on the conference committee are meeting to find a solution to the humanitarian crisis at the border. In order to come to a deal, Congress needs to hear from their constituents who, like the vast majority of Americans, support securing the border. 

As the fight for border security continues, conservativesshould be encouraged to stay the course, and continue to fight.Conservatives should not give in for a weak deal from liberal Democrats. As Sentinels, we need to put pressure on members of Congress who haven’t been voting with their constituents in mind.



Senator Thom Tillis R-NC  @SenThomTillis (202) 224 6342

Senator Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr (202) 224 3154

Twitter handles for US Senators here.

 NC 10: Rep Rep Patrick McHenry R-NC10 @PatrickMcHenry  (202) 225-2576

NC 11: Rep Mark Meadows R-NC11  @RepMarkMeadows (202)  225 6401

Twitter handles for US House Reps here.

In another NC district or not in NC?  CALL CONGRESS.  CLICK HERE.  The list includes Twitter handles, phone numbers and quotes from them supporting the Wall.   


This is a list of Dems who won in red-borderline districts.  They need to be pressured.  

After you call Congress, click here to share a tweet with your friends and family encouraging them to take action as well.

If you haven’t used social media to amplify your voice yet, you can use some of our tweets below, or send one of your own. 

DON’T FORGET: Use “@” to tag members of Congress in your tweet to make sure they see it!

You can also retweet ours @AshevilleTeaPty

 When contacting your members of Congress, remember to underscore the four conservative priorities for securing our nation’s southern border once and for all:

✔ Secure the border and fully fund the border wall

✔ Increase funding for ICE, CBP, prosecutors, and immigration judges

✔ Close loopholes in immigration law, end catch-and-release, and put a stop to sanctuary cities

✔ Implement common-sense reforms like ending chain migration and visa lottery

On behalf of everyone at Heritage Action, thank you for fighting to secure our border! Let’s get this done.

Janae Stracke

Grassroots Director

Heritage Action




Hope to see you tonight!  


Breaking News on the Mark Harris Race.  Jake Johnson will have the info tonight and how we can help.  



View this in your browser. 


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We Read The Constitution Day location and participants thus far

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IMPERATIVE!  Pressure Dimms in red-leaning districts for Border Wall $$ and the four objectives to be met before Feb 15th.  Because of your activism, these targeted Democrats have been wavering on the issue and drifting away from Speaker Pelosi's leadership.See here for Action Alert.


Special Guest Speaker: Jake Johnson, Chairman, Polk County Board of Commissioners and Field Director, Committee To Elect Mark Harris, District 9 Congressional seat fight that is 

national news. We are involved. Join us to become part of the solution! Cell: (828) 817-5719. jake.h.johnson007@gmail.com.

See link for agenda and bio.







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