NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes Indicted on Bribery Charges and Lying to the FBI! Mike Causey, Our NC Insurance Commissioner and Republican, Did The Right Thing.


A federal grand jury indicted the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party for corruption, bribery and lying to the FBI.

(Why are we not surprised!)

" indictment unsealed in court on Tuesday morning accused (Robin) Hayes, Durham-based business owner Greg Lindbergh and two of Lindbergh’s associates of directing illegal political donations to North Carolina insurance commissioner Mike Causey in an effort to bribe him.

Causey, who was actually working with federal authorities, is not charged in the indictments. ..."

Mike Causey is a great stand-up guy whom we backed through 3 election cycles until we finally got him elected.  Standing up for what's right for North Carolinians does not surprise us.  Now, it's up to you to get more like Mike elected to represent you.  Listen to the Pete Kaliner wwnc 4/2 podcast interview with Mike.   


 What the NCGOP, Robin Hayes and his #Swamp buddies did to Hassan Harnett, the first African American NCGOP chair and solid conservative when he was legitimately elected as NCGOP chair, was unconscionable.  This is karma!  What needs to happen now is that the Republicans need to elect jim womack for chair and miriam chu for vice chair at the NCGOP State Convention.


To continue to vote for the establishment #Swamp #RINOs is as Einstein put it ...  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."  


With 2020 coming, the NCGOP needs to continue to grow the numbers of volunteers. The only way that happens is if the NCGOP has leadership of integrity.  Please, don't elect anyone from the old guard.  Too much is at stake.  Help us to get Jim and Miriam elected! 

Read more here …  NC insurance commissioner: "just doing my job" helping bust ncgop chairman

Hayes, others indicted by Feds for corruption, bribery

Articles for you to peruse. 

Brant Clifton of the Daily Haymaker has done a stellar job of uncovering info for us.  



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