WNC Native Died Attempting To Stop WNCC Gunman

It is beyond tragic that we have lost more innocent and great individuals because of  Gun Free Zones. Riley Howard was a hero who was powerless to stop a madman.  He joins a list of so many others who have tried to stop a gunman without the benefit of a firearm.  It just doesn't work.   The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun!  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result.  Throwing money after the problem and hiring more school psychologists is not going to stop the shooter. 

Our lawmakers needs to get off their duffs, stop legislating expensive 'feel good' laws that protect the gunman,  and do something that will work - Eliminate Gun Free zones in schools.  As a retired teacher, I  had no idea  that  my career  choice meant giving  up  my  inalienable right  to  life.  Government Bureaucrats have no  authority.

GRNC:  " ... Currently in the NC Senate are S192 and H76 (having passed the House). In the House are H216 and H912 (“public school” amendment necessary). Three of these four bills are already written to, in some way, address the state-sponsored blanket of protection that is now wrapped around every school shooter. And H76, which is now immune from the crossover deadline, could easily be amended in the Senate to allow ‘Faculty Carry.’ 

Let’s face it, “gun-free” zones are nothing but ironically-named sectors of protection for the criminally insane and otherwise ultra-violent within our society. There is no stopping a motivated attacker from making plans and finding ways to follow through. This is an unfortunate fact of life in an imperfect world. However, the civilized (the real 99%) can effectively discourage and thwart these killers by providing resistance when and where it’s needed. This sort of resistance is the kind that cannot only stop attacks short, but surely deter some attacks from occurring in the first place. ..."



Hawkins– Lessons from Santa Fe High: The Left’s Favorite Gun Controls Will Not Stop School Shooters http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/05/18/lessons-from-santa-fe-high-assault-weapon-bans-wont-work/

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             Rep Larry Pittman contact here. 

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                         Contact Speaker Tim Moore here. 

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Crime Prevention Research:  https://crimeresearch.org/tag/gun-free-zones/

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