Action Alert Update! Thanks for Calling! Please Continue to Call Your Reps and Demand Voter ID on Absentee Ballots

Update on Your Tuesday Phone Calls!


Rep Michele Presnell, District 118 (Haywood, Madison, Yancey) was inundated with THANK YOU emails and phone calls for being the ONLY Republican who did not vote to eliminate Voter ID on absentee ballots - the Floyd Amendment.


If you have not already, please be sure to call and email Michele with warm Thank YOUs!






David Lewis' office, who engineered this debacle, denied getting phone calls from you! (A bunch of baloney!) Then his office wasn't answering phone calls.


Please, continue to call, email and apply heat.


Also, please email me or Jay Delancy of VIP with your experience with Lewis'' office and your rep. We'd like to publicly document this. It's another way of reminding them of who they work for!jane@ashevilleteaparty.orgor



Jim Womack, Lee County GOP Chair and CCNC board member wrote a letter to NC GOP reps that exposed additional issues with Penalty Problems (that) Emerge in SB 683. (Article published by Jay Delancy of Voter Integrity Project.)


See also letter from Jane to all 65 NC House Republicansof the 106 who voted to eliminate voted ID on absentee ballots.


If you have to present a legitimate government voter ID in 2020 when you go to the polls, why are absentee ballot voters not doing the same?? This is what they do in CA to perpetually keep Dimms in office.


Don't let them turn us into California! If they do not fix the Floyd Amendment, we need to make this a re-election issue with every one of them! They need to be primaried!


Read the rest here and In Case You Missed It ...

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