Arrogant Senate Candidate Sandy Smith Appoints Herself Tea Party Candidate – NOT!

Sandy Smith,  who is running on the GOP ticket against Thom Tillis in a three way primary,  appointed herself as the Tea Party Challenger. She sent out an email solicitation for money with this in the subject line:  Vulnerable Senator Thom Tills Faces Tea Party Challenge in 2020.  SHE IS NOT!  We have not gotten behind any senate candidate yet and probably won't until we get closer to the filing date. TheConservative Coalition of North Carolina that ATPAC is a part of, is the largest grassroots organization in NC.  We don't endorse her!  

However, this arrogant  self appointment just nixed Sandy off the list.  We don't need another arrogant, self serving elitist in office.  Please do not support her.  See ya, Sandy!  

Got this from Annette Shuford

Annette Shuford I've known from the get-go that Smith is a shill for Tillis! You know I was very active in the Arizona Tea Party Movement, Maricopa County GOP and Arizona GOP. My AZ GOP friends have sent me emails and mailers they've received from Sandy Smith claiming she's the 'conservative pick' in NC to defeat Tillis. Thank God they sent this info to me so that I could warn everyone in the AZ GOP about Smith's lies. Arizona has been warned about her. Smith won't be getting any money from them.  

Thank you Annette!  We were right on the mark with her!  Spread the word here in NC.  Don't need this hustler in this race.  

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