Wal-Mart Caves to Evil Left. No Friend To Gun Owners or 2A! Bans Handgun Ammo, Handguns Sales, .223/.556 Ammo, Open Carry

#WalMart needs dire consequences for spitting in the face of their customers, sane, sober, law abiding citizens with an unalienable right to self defense. Wal Mart forgets who they are by prostituting themselves to evil Marxists. Please feel free to call, write and bitterly complain. Don't let them forget they have fed us communist China goods that made them filthy rich.


Bentonville, Arkansas — In the latest corporate betrayal of gun owners and Second Amendment rights, Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillion announced Wal-Mart would be making significant changes to it’s firearms and ammunition sales policy.

In a memo circulated to employees today (you can read it in its entirety below), McMillion appears to want everyone to know that he is doing “something” to try and stop mass shootings.Read more here from Second Amendment Daily

The executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association wants all gun owners in the state to know about what he calls “Walmart’s increasing anti-gun stance.”

In a column posted on the TFT website Tuesday, Executive Director John Harris said Walmart is no longer “a truly ‘American’ store.

“Even worse – if that is possible – all gun owners should know that Walmart has openly stated that it is now in ‘partnership’ on gun control issues with Everytown for Gun Safety which appears to be one of Michael Bloomberg’s ‘shell’ gun control entities that pushes for sweeping gun bans and Red Flag laws!” Harris wrote.

“So, what is Walmart telling Americans? It is saying it is now in partnership with the gun control fanatic – Michael Bloomberg – and the various corporate shells that he apparently creates to hide his participation in the gun control and gun abatement movement from the public.” 

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Tennessee Firearms Association Says Walmart Is No Friend to Gun Owners


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