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On Monday evening, a North Carolina State University freshman was violently assaulted for trying to protect a mural that he and some friends had just painted at the university’s Free Expression Tunnel. Not surprisingly, the university is trying to whitewash this incident because the victim is a well-known conservative, and his assailants are members of the university’s far-left Young Democratic Socialists of America.

(All of this, notwithstanding the ridiculousness of having a “free expression tunnel.” Shouldn’t it be a “free expression campus?”)

This News & Observer article describing the assault includes a video, and you can see for yourself what the leftist hate and intolerance looks like (the kind being imported into North Carolina from places like Berkeley), vis-a-vis the violent “peace and love” democratic socialist assailants.

Assaults like this are sadly becoming commonplace; what’s even more shocking is the blind eye that an institution like NC State—one that claims to “allow differing opinions to be heard”—and its so-called police force have given to this incident. Instead of charging and arresting the assailants as most competent law enforcement agencies would, NC State’s puppet-police instead chose to refer two students of the “Office of Student Conduct,” an internal kangaroo-court where bad press for the university goes to be swept under the rug.

The news article said that some people claimed that this was all the fault of the student being attacked. One has to wonder what’s next: will the university accuse a rape victim of being in the way of her assailant, or of wearing too sexy of a dress that evening? Is a theft victim guilty of the crime of having something that someone else wanted? The victim blaming game is strong here, and one has to wonder what extent the university will go to, to pander to its extreme left-wing base.

There’s also a question of whether the university has now become criminally culpable in this assault. This is the same university that kicked and screamed about law-abiding age-of-majority students being able to carry lawfully concealed handguns on campus, claiming that the university’s police would protect everyone (clearly a lie). Perhaps this is their bigger plan—to disarm and systematically attack conservative students that don’t tow their party line?

It’s time to send NCSU and the UNC Board of Governors a clear message. NCSU is currently in the middle of a “Think and Do” fundraising campaign, one that would be more aptly called “Think and Don’t.” We think it’s time to let the university and its puppet-police know that their conduct is unacceptable, and that the only correct course of action is to criminally charge these students and expel them from the university permanently.

If you are NC State alumni, *please* let them know! It's especially important for them to hear this message from freedom-loving alumni that won't put up with this.

Instead of giving money to NC State, why not donate to North Carolina's only grass roots civil liberties organization?

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  • EMAIL THE CHANCELLOR AND THE UNC BOARD OF GOVERNORS and let them know that the conduct of NC State's puppet-police is unacceptable, and that you will NOT be donating to the university's "Think and Don't" fundraising campaign.

  • DONATE TO GRNC: Help us fight gun control while we promote Second Amendment principles. Please CLICK HERE to contribute. Bear in mind that GRNC is an all-volunteer organization, so you can be sure your donations are put to the best possible use. Any amount helps, and any amount is appreciated.





Suggested Subject: "Not a Dime for NC State!"  


Dear President Roper and Chancellor Woodson:


I was recently made aware of an incident at North Carolina State University's "Free Expression Tunnel," in which a freshman student at the university was assaulted by several student members of the "Democratic Socialists of America" last Monday evening.

The university police department's response to this assault is a disgrace to both the university and the professional standards that this so-called law-enforcement agency claims to adhere to. Referring this incident to the kangaroo-court "Division of Academic and Student Affairs" is clearly an attempt to cover up this incident, and I'm shocked to see that the university's leadership would kowtow to these "stormtrooper" tactics—in the "Free Expression Tunnel" of all places.

One has to wonder what the university's response would have been if the freshman student being attacked was politically "left" and his assailants were politically "right." I believe that the justice would have been much swifter and harsher.

I am aware that the university is currently engaged in a "Think and Do" fundraising campaign. Since the university sees fit to cover up a clear case of assault and battery, I will NOT be donating to NC State until such time as the assailants are criminally charged. I will also make sure that my friends and family are aware of NC State's victim-blaming conduct.

I will continue to monitor this situation through email alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.




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