Lynda Bennett Candidate for NC-11 Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund



For Immediate Release                                                                        

January 29, 2020 

828 421 7279




On January 29, 2020, The Senate Conservative Fund announced its endorsement of Lynda Bennett, candidate for United States Congress, District 11.  Lynda Bennett received the prestigious endorsement with two other sitting U.S. House Representatives who belong to the Freedom Caucus:  U. S Rep. Chip Roy, Freedom Caucus Chair, and U.S. Rep. Scott Perry.  Mrs. Bennett is also endorsed by Debbie Meadows, wife of U.S. House Representative Mark Meadows as ’the only candidate who can continue Mark’s legacy.’  The Senate Conservative Fund endorsement reaffirms Mrs. Meadows endorsement.

The Senate Conservative Fund (SCF) is a national grassroots organization that seeks to bring bold conservative leadership to Washington by supporting candidates who will fight for the timeless conservative principles of limited government, strong national defense, and traditional family values.

SCF helps candidates by bundling contributions for them from thousands of freedom-loving Americans across the country, and by running hard-hitting radio and television ads to promote their conservative campaigns.

SCF is not funded by special interests in Washington, it is not funded by a small group of mega donors, and it is not funded by the Republican Party. SCF is funded by the grassroots. In fact, the average contribution amount to SCF is just $45.

SCF members live in every state and come from all walks of life. They love America and don't want to see liberal policies destroy it. SCF members know that change in Washington means changing the people we send there, and they know that they must work with other conservatives across the nation to accomplish this goal.

SCF was founded by former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) and is now led by Executive Director Mary Vought who previously served as a senior communications advisor to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Vice-President Mike Pence (R-IN).

Join Lynda and the Freedom Caucus wives, Debbie Meadows and Polly Jordan this Saturday February 1st in Asheville and Nebo, and in Franklin on Monday, February 3rd. Text the word FREEDOM to 828 449 8222 for address, time and locations.  END

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