Gun Show This Weekend. Primary Election Results. NC-11 Run Off.

Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show in Asheville This Weekend, March 7 & 8th.
Print the coupon for the Land of Sky Gun and Knife Show this weekend, March 7 and 8th at the Ag Center. See link for details See you there.
Gun and accessories available to view at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing Gun Shop , 1927 Spartanburg Hwy #20, Hendersonville, NC 28792.
Great website too! Conceal Carry classes as well as advanced training. Great folks. See Debra and Larry.
Tickets available at the gun show
this weekend. 
Limit 350 tickets.
We are close!
9mm Handgun
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The big take-aways
60% of the candidates we supported made it through the primary!
An enormous Thank YOU to our many volunteers across NC-11 who manned the polls and braved all kinds of weather. Can't thank you enough!
Of course, President Trump !
Lynda Bennett, NC-11 Congress, within a crowded field of 11 candidates, still managed to come out on top with 22.72% of the vote in spite of the 750K in outright lies and attack ads hurled at her from the RINO deep state who are terrified of another great Conservative like Mark Meadows in DC in the Freedom Caucus. Lynda has no equal in the stellar conservative endorsements that so far have come from Congressman Mark Meadows, Congressman Jim Jordan, The House Freedom Fund (House Freedom Caucus), The Senate Conservative Fund, The Right Women, and the Freedom Caucus wives. It just doesn't get any better than that. There will be a run-off May 12th since first and second place primary finishers did not succeed in getting the 30% + 1 to win.
Dan Fores t beat his opponent with 88.97% of the vote ! It's going to be up to us to make sure he beats Cooper in November to take the Governor's seat. Dan's an incredible guy whom we will continue to support for his unwavering constitutionally conservative stands on issues.
Mark Robinson cleared over 32.52% to come out on top of 8 other opponents. It is a great win! Mark is a phenomenal force of nature. He is what we need to for Lt Governor. He had no equal in this race. ATPAC looks forward to a great win in November. Let's clean up the Board of Education and root out Common Core with NC Lt Governor   Mark Keith Robinson . Website In case you missed it in Greensboro ...  Mark defending 2A! 
Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey , a candidate we have backed through three election cycles and with good cause, handily topped his opponent with 64.69% of the vote. Mike is exactly the kind of individual we back. Why? It's called honesty and integrity: NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes Indicted on Bribery Charges and Lying to the FBI! Mike Causey, Our NC Insurance Commissioner and Republican, Did The Right Thing.
Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Catherine Truitt managed her win with 56.67% of the vote. Another incredible woman running for office! See more here about Catherine. See where she stands on Common Core and why you should care who gets elected to this office.
Let's Get Our Facts Straight for the
NC-11 Run Off, May 12th.
Our President Trump is no stranger to the lies and fabrications. What's happening in NC-11 is exactly the same thing. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan have spent three years staunchly defending our President and being savaged for it. They would never get behind a candidate to who not 110% with our President.
Dispelling the
FAKE NEWS: AlwaysTrumper
FAKE NEWS IN NC-11 Exposed
First in Freedom Daily, February 27, 2020 : NC-11 – "The scrum to win the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District following Rep. Mark Meadows (R) surprise decision to not seek reelection has not been lacking intra-district squabbling and even a concerted smear campaign. Lynda Bennett, having been essentially endorsed by the Freedom Caucus (of which Meadows is the leader) and earning the support of several wives of key Freedom Caucus members, had a leg up on the competition, and thus a big target on her back. "
Read the details  HERE
Remember : “If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target”  
Asheville Tea PAC Statement Clarifying Our 12/19/19 Endorsement for Lynda Bennett NC-11 Congress
Think we need a border wall and national security ...
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